Trying to relocate to Florida possibly and need some advice?

I'm 24 years old currently living in Upstate NY with my parents and looking to relocate to Florida. I have my own company so I can live anywhere I want. I have a German Shepherd that will be accepted in any apartment complex that I choose since I was fortunate enough to get my doctor to write a note so I can have the dog for emotional support.

I have taken to trips this month to Florida – both were round trips. First trip was to Orlando (same day round trip) and the second (this past Thursday) for a trip to Ft. Myers FL. I like Ft. Myers but too many major highways in the area I was in and I'm looking for an apartment complex situated more in a residential area where there are lots of residential streets (for walking my dog) but still with a convenient access to major places (Walmart, banks, grocery stores, etc.). I'd like to fly back there again, but need some ideas finding that right city/town.

Other places that I plan to look at as well are North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and southern California.


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    A doctors note for an emotional support animal does NOT mean that an apartment is required to allow you to keep the dog.

    An apartment is required to allow you to keep the dog if the dog is trained as a SERVICE animal and you are covered under the American's with Disabilities Act.
    - an emotional support animal and a service animal are NOT the same.

    We ALL need our pooches for emotional support. None of our regular pooches qualify. A Service dog is a trained service dog = generally more than 12 months of training.

    you don't give any kind of information on what you are looking for except it has to be close to major places and you can't have highways = how much can you afford to spend? what do you like to do?

    Add'l Info: If you have been lucky finding places that will allow your ESA, you don't have a problem. You will have a problem in California with this. ESA are NOT automatically covered under the Fair Housing Act = you must demonstrate a relationship to your ability to function and the companionship of the animal.

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