Service dog training houston – How to start a dog walking business?

Ok, I'm 17 years old and i want to start a dof walking business but im a oittle lost in the legal area. What I really want to do is start off with only me, and build up clientele. I live around houston my zip is 77449 and I live in a subdivision with over 1,000 houses. I plan on putting flyers up everywhere around the entire neighborhood and business cards in all the mailboxes. I want to start off in only my neighborhood and eventually move on to other neighborhoods. I will also eventually offer other services like one on one playtime or bathing etc. After a few years, or maybe less (Hopefully before i go to college for veterinary) depending on how well the business takes off, I want to just hire a few people and stop walking dogs, but still bring in a side profit. But I have absolutely no idea where to get legal help. No idea about the legal side. And cant find any complete guides to it that dont cost money. Oh and, everybody says "hire other people" but how do I go about that? I have so many questions! How do I find them, do I train them, get them certified, how much do I pay them, and how do I make sure I get my profit, for example if the clients pay cash? Do I need to set up some kind of payment method or bank account? This is a real goal od mine and I'll take ir seriously but I need help. If someone could give me an email address along with some answers and tips that would be so great, as I need a guide!

No rude or joke comments please.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I am not a businessman (yet :D ) but I can give you just this advice:

    If I were you I would definitely start with a small area around your house. Place some posters on street lighting, bus stops or somewhere, where people can see it and don´t solve the legal side yet. There´s always some amount of money, you can make without having to pay taxes or solving other legal things.

    After placing your ads let people order your service via phone or email, but don´t forget to set a price and time of your availability. Price e.g. 1 dog / 1 hour = 50$ (just an example). Then you can walk their dogs at the time they need it. And let them pay you in cash (hand to hand) after you walk their dog.
    Several weeks and dogs later you will find out whether this is what you want to do as a small / side business and you start solving the legal things. I suppose you can make up to 1000$ without telling the state and paying taxes. Those are a lot of dogs and time to think it over.

    If you decide to continue you should set up a "firm", you will probably have to pay several $ for registration and then search the internet for all acts you have to do when creating a firm. – but note, you can´t do this unless you´re 18 !

    Then it will be easy to hire people, when you make some money and do it for some time. They will basically come to you by their own. You can hire some students as part time job. ;)

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