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  • I work at a store and we had a customer arrive in with a young lab. we are usually a pet friendly store, as long since your pet is contained and not leading to a disruption, but this woman' s laboratory was simply on a leash and woofing at customers and employees. The manager inquired the woman to leave, but she obtained irate and claimed that her lab has been a service dog. (I highly doubt this particular dog was a service dog, for the particular simple fact it turned out not qualified, it was barking at people, it experienced been pulling on its leash, it leaped on the counter, and was constantly attempting to get attention. ) We asked the girl were the dogs vest was but the girl also claimed there is a law within NC that service dogs are not needed to wear the service vest (which can make no sense to me at all) plus was threatening to sue the company pertaining to asking her to leave. (although she acquired no proof that her dog was the service dog) so i was just thinking if there is any truth to this particular " law".


    Sorry, but BRAT' s answer is wrong. There is simply no special identification – vest or otherwise : that can be requested of an assistance dog or its handler. There is simply no national registry as well as the WUJUD does not require service dogs to become registered, have ID or wear a jacket. A company also may NOT require particular identification for the animal. This is Government law, which includes NC.

    BUT you are right. Theres absolutely no way this was a service dog. And your own business had every legal right to request her to leave. Here' s the regulation:

    An individual along with a disability cannot be asked to eliminate his/her service animal from the premesis unless of course:

    A) The pet is out of control and the proprietor does not take effective action to manage it

    B) The particular animal poses an immediate threat to the particular health and safety of others.

    Service Dogs should be obedience trained, cannot bark (unless it' s associated with its service task — this sounds like it didn' t), can' t jump up on the counter (unless told to petform a task) and had been solicitating attention from others (how can this do its job, caring for her, in case its not paying attention? ). This canine was breaking all the rules. Even in the event that it was something dog, your business acquired every right to ask her to keep when she proved she couldn' t manage it.

    I might have called the police and told all of them you felt she was claiming she the new service dog and you felt this wasn' t. Let them figure it away.

    As I mentioned, as soon as she couldn' t manage her dog, you had the right in order to ask her to leave, service dog or even not.

    Interesting websites:

    Businesses and Company Animals

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    the proprietor must have the animals id at all of the times to present upon request if they will are legit they need to have no problems displaying it
    n any case, in accordance to the ADA:

    " A person with a disability are unable to be asked to remove his service pet from the premises unless: (1) the pet is out of control and the animal' s owner does not take effective actions to control it (for example, a canine that barks repeatedly throughout a movie) or even (2) the animal poses a direct danger to the health or safety of other people. "

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