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  • We live within Arlington Texas and are searching for the service dog for our Autistic son


    It can be appealing whenever you hear someone say that what you need in order to believe is true, but what then in the event that it really isn' t? There is the popular mythology surrounding autism service dogs designed for children that is being fed by groupings that stand to profit lots of money by persuading parents that service dogs can perform almost everything from baby sit to slice bread. Whilst dogs in general, and service dogs within particular, can perform many wonderful things, these types of groups are very carefully leaving out several significant draw-backs and risks. And the common myths are being propagated by people who understand little or nothing first hand about support dogs, like Justmeinthisworld.

    " Stanley Coren is a professor associated with human psychology but has long been known as a leader in the effort in order to find out how animals, specifically dogs, believe and relate with each other and to individuals. According to Coren, dogs possess the mindset of a 2-year-old child even though canines and kids perceive the world differently. " from _How Dogs Think: Understanding the Dog Mind_ No matter what behaviors you train a dog to perform, you cannot modify his core ability to think, to cause and to make decisions. A dog can never be a better decision maker compared to a 2-year-old human child. So what Shidash said is true, putting a dog within charge of a child means turning that will child over to the care of an additional toddler.

    Animal behaviorists and real dog trainers know that right now there are inherent risks when you put a canine in control of a human being. A person put the human in a very true risk of injury because every time a dog interprets himself as master of a person, he or she has the right to correct the actions of that human and so they tend to perform it with their teeth. Children are on particular risk in part because their confronts are at dog eye level, and autistic children in particular simply because they possess difficulty correctly reading the dog' s expression.

    According to the particular Centers for Disease Control, " Among kids, the rate of dog bite–related injuries is usually highest for those ages 5 to nine years, and children are much more most likely than adults to receive medical attention just for dog bites than adults. " and those people " with several dogs in the home are five times more prone to be bitten compared to those living without dogs in your personal home. "

    Within 2008, renowned animal behaviorist specializing in dog aggression, Kellie Sneider, spoke out about the particular practice of using dogs to supervise autistic children: " I had become concerned about the particular recent trend to use dogs to “supervise” children with autism. Some people have tales about wonderful things that happened when kids were paired with assistance dogs. This is usually ideal for them, but the experiences are not really necessarily universal. " http://dogbitesinformationandstatistics….

    The Global Association of Assistance Dog Partners addressed their own concerns almost 10 years earlier in their post " What Every Caregiver Needs To Understand About Service Dogs" by long time program dog trainer Joan Froling.

    A lot more recently research entitled " Factors Affecting Habits and Welfare of Service Dogs for Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder, " researchers through the Ontario Veterinary College
    (Kristen E. Burrows, Cindy L. Adams, and Suzanne T. Millman) you will find significant unforeseen negative outcomes to getting an autism service dog pertaining to a child. In the study, 20% associated with dogs (2 out of 10) placed had been returned to the program that trained all of them in a single case because the canine dragged the child into a street. Mom and dad reported that as the novelty wore away from, dragging the dog everywhere became more associated with a chore, but by that time the particular child was attached and changing the make use of the dog was no longer a good option. It was with the premiere system in the world for training autism services dogs for children, not a fly-by-night company. (National Service Dogs in Canada)

    In just the last couple of weeks, two different service dog organizations possess been shut down for fraud because these people charged exorbitant fees and delivered dogs that will were not only inadequately trained but had been actually aggressive and dangerous. Heaven Scent Feet and Betheden Kennels each required applicants in order to fund raise thousands of dollars to take part in their program, but delivered dogs not able to perform the work for which they will were purchased.

    This particular is not something to visit into lightly. It' s a buyer beware market, and presently there are some inherent dangers to tethering that will should cause a caring parent to believe twice.


    I actually do not really know much about the situation so We cannot offer much help. However, it will be generally unwise to give service dogs in order to children. A child, autistic or not, really does not have the skills to steward the dog independently. Some parents solve this simply by saying that they are going to steward the dog but this does not create sense. Service dogs are meant to assist people with disabilities, not their family. Within many cases, autism service dogs for kids seem to be service dogs for non-disabled parents or maybe worse, babysitters. Some organizations also advocate tethering a child to dog which usually is unsafe for the child and the particular dog.

    Please believe about the practical matters of this scenario. What will your dog do when your own child is at school? Teachers can not really be expected to care for the canine. That is not their job. So exactly what do you want the dog to perform? Many people try to use service canines to keep their children from running. This particular can be incredibly dangerous and there are usually more productive ways to calm children straight down. What about the cost? Many organizations cost over , 000 and give you the dog which is not fully trained. A person could spend that money on many various other services which provide a more permanent advantage to your son. What about the treatment and stewardship of the dog? Research provides shown that dogs possess the cognitive capability of a two-year-old. Are you ready in order to have effectively a two-year-old on your fingers? Would you trust your son or daughter to a two-year-old?… provides some very good advice upon service dogs and children.… talks about the problems along with tethering.

    There are usually options for you. Skilled companion dogs offer wonderful friends for autistic children and occasionally even know a few tasks. However, these types of dogs are for in-home-use only. Please discover… for a lot more information on these wonderful dogs. Also, your own child may just like a service canine when he is a teenager or grownup (if he is not already). These canines are trained with many of the exact same tasks as hearing and guide dogs in order to mitigate the sensory processing issues often related with autism. is a superb article which explains many of the tasks that autism assistance dogs can be trained to complete.

    Please think very thoroughly about this decision.

    Edit: Justmeinthisworld- We are speaking from the particular experience of a person with autism that also knows a great deal about services dogs. Please do more research on this particular topic before responding in such a style.

    Parents can tether a child to them and skip the particular hyperlink of the dog all together. This makes more sense and it is simpler for everyone involved. Please read the write-up which i provided on tethering. Also, exactly what you said for examples is really the particular dog acting as a sort of babysitter.

    Yes, service canines are highly trained but they are nevertheless dogs. A dog is really a canine and dogs make mistakes sometimes and also probably the most intelligent still have the intelligence associated with around a two-year-old.

    Schools are not places to take treatment of a dog and most have the problem with someone demanding that their kid be accompanied by a dog. There are usually other more reasonable accommodations for young kids, such as an aide.

    Most organizations for guide, hearing, plus mobility dogs also do not train regarding children for the reasons that I have got already mentioned. Nevertheless, they often provide handicapped children with skilled companion dogs.

    As for children running straight into the street, the parents need to function to prevent that. Tethering a child in order to a parent can help with this because can paying attention to the child' ersus needs and aiding the child in comforting down so the child does not really feel the need to run.

    Please do not yell.



    the particular parent who is caring for the child would also ' steward' the dog (the college aide or other caregiver)

    so yes even young kids can have a service animal..

    and that DOES MAKE FEELING…..
    one child i knew would certainly wake up at night and roam the particular house

    the support would be which the dog alerts the mother and father…

    this is typical with medical conditions–teh dog is taught in order to alert a caregiver….

    a child who runs can be coralled by dog…… so the parent can capture up to them

    there are many examples of how the particular dog ' services' the child AND the particular caretaker

    if the particular dog is used at school.. the STAFF MEMBERS can be trained on how to function with your dog.. and take care associated with the dog, this has been done just before

    these dogs are usually highly skilled.. much more than a two year old

    presently there is nothing wrong with a dog halting a running child…

    would you rather the child run straight into the street and get hit by the car… that is more ' dangerous'

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