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    Ho-Chunk: Complicated

    (Bubble Bath Day)

    6:15: Smile
    7:15: Splash
    9:15: Relax
    1:15: Kids
    4:15: water

    Tripper Trivia: Play-doh

    4th Quarter: Michigan
    Blockbusters: Jon Turtelaub
    Country Livin: Garth Brooks
    Country: Love Is A Golden Ring
    Does This Make You Happy: 80,000
    Double Down Video: Big Mac
    Football Fan Zone: 14
    Recipe: Potato
    Sports: Cavs
    TV: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
    Word Play: Patronize
    Box Office: you're different
    Ultimate Global: half a day
    Read All About It: Brass container
    Auto Review Zone: Ghost Series II
    Secrets Of Hollywood: Beverly Hills

    Watch: 3 Ways To Rock Tuxedo Pants: Daytime Polish

    Bao Bao The Giant Panda Has Her First: Less than 2000
    Dog Abandoned At Train Station With Belo: Scotland
    Electronic Music Comes To Life With 3-D: Hello Play
    Oregon Trail, Over 2,000 MS-Dos Game Av: Over 26,000
    The Best Apps To Keep your New Year's Res: Any.do
    The Best Low Calorie Cocktail Recipes To: Old Fashion

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