Should we get a Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, or German Shepherd?

My sister, friend, and I are planning to move into a house together soon. We are all short young girls and my mother is worried about our safety being on our own. So I was thinking about getting one of these breeds to make us feel safe and my mother not have to worry. I currently have a male German Shepherd… He is the sweetest dog ever but he is getting older and I wanted to get a puppy to grow up with him. He's great with all dogs large and small and will hopefully teach the pup a little bit of what behavior is okay and whats not. I'm planning to start running and would love a partner. My friend has a pug that she may or may not take with her (depends on if her family will let her because they love him so much)

So I guess what I'm asking is which breed would be able to:

Keep danger away just by its looks.
Get along with other dogs and animals.
And great with kids as well since I have alot of nieces and nephews.

I know alot of that depends on training and socialization. Even though I have experience with shepherds I'm leaning away from them because I want to try something new and because they are so popular that not as many people are afraid of them anymore… I've read alot about all these breeds but I'm having a hard time deciding which is best for me. Thank you!

(I'm most in favor of Dobermans but will they be ok left alone for a few hours? Are they good with kids?)

  • <cite class="sig">DJERRICA</cite>

    I would personally go with a German Shepherd or Doberman Pinscher.

    If you get a Doberman, get a [spayed] female, Dobermans are known to have same sex dog aggression issues.

    Keep danger away just by looks.. Unfortunately that is impossible, no matter how intimidating a dog is, they are no match to a gun.
    If you don't plan on getting the Dobermans ears cropped than it will not look very intimidating. JMO

    Get a dog as a warning system, (You already have that though, a GSD) Get a gun if you want real protection.

    And of course they can be left alone for a few hours, they can be great with kids.

  • <cite class="sig">Duso-DONG</cite>

    All of the breeds you mention would make a good visual deterrent. That is 90% of it. To get the rest of teh things you want, a German Shepherd is going to be your best bet (NOT A SHOW DOG…and not from any breeder advertising work AND show). Buying a puppy is a gamble no matter what, Even when breeding specifically for protection dogs, very few a capable if it gets real. What bluebonnet talks about is complete nonsense. You can NOT train a protection dog. You can agitate a dog. You can create trained behaviors.This is only good for training scenarios…not the real thing. A protection dog is born. They are trained their entire life, and around 16-18 months, you find out whether it is a protection dog or not. They are not dangerous….as a matter of fact, they are the least likely dog to bite anyone. There has to be a REAL THREAT. They are not a liability and are not any kind of "lethal weapon". ANY dog is more of a deterrent than an alarm system. A dog will alert you that someone is OUTSIDE…not wake you when they are INSIDE. A dog that has been properly bred, raised, trained and determined to be a protection dog will cost you a minimum of $20K and be at least 18 months old.

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