My dog barks at every noise & my baby is due in 4 weeks help!!?

How can I stop my dog from barking at every single noise? she does not listen when I tell her to be quiet nor does she come to me when she is barking. She is an over the top guard dog and I am worried about it waking up my new born baby when he is born in 4 weeks.
How can I sort this out? I am thinking of buying a shock collar or a citronella spray which I heard is very effective. She is very hard to train and she doesn't listen to me, I cant keep yelling like I have been because it stresses me out and is not good for me during my pregnancy.
She is an 11 month old Jack Russell.
Any help would be very much appreciated

  • <cite class="sig">CARMELA Keate</cite>

    I would start by starting to train your dog for the arrival of your baby. There are specific steps you can take to make that transition easier for you and the dog. As far as the barking, you have some options, however, 4 weeks is not a lot of time, when you are preparing for a new baby to train your dog. As far as training collars, they are not cruel if they are vibration and have nick settings. The link below has a article on the arrival of your new baby and your dog, and a collar review. Best wishes to you.

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