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  • I' m getting a good Alaskan Malamute puppy here in a couple of weeks so my wonderful Siberian husky may have a sister. In either case, I' ve already been kinda considering maybe doing weight pulling along with my malamute.
    She will just be about 9 or 10 weeks outdated when we bring her home, and was know that you don' t really need to start training until they' re associated with a certain age.
    I understand absolutely NOTHING about how to start this particular up, how or when to train our dog, where weight pulling is done, and so on.
    I' d really like in order to know any and all information on this.
    And if it' s appropriate, I live in Northern Utah.

    Thanks a lot.


    What ever you perform, be VERY careful as she is expanding. You normally cannot compete in weight tugging events till the dog is 1 calendar year old, so you have sufficient time. (I' m not sure if you are speaking about recreational pulling or competition, but possibly way, take it nice and slow).

    Start with basic canine obedience training. Make sure she can stroll on a lead without pulling (last point you want to do is teach the girl to ALWAYS pull- she' ll need in order to learn when she can pull and whenever it is not acceptable).

    Next, get her utilized to putting on a harness. Then you will slowly construct up to having something behind her. After that adding the cart… then weight.

    Check out the Alaskan Malamute of America website for more information:…

    Or, even though you live within the USA, I think the information within the Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK can be more ideal for getting started:…

    Also, another top tip: find someone which does weight pulling with their malamutes. Private experience will tell you so much a lot more than a book or website. Attend a good event or look through lists of Run Club breeders and find a few that will work their dogs. I' m sure these people will be more than happy to supply you with some advice.


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