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  • Vibrating Collars, can you use them on dogs that can hear or only def dogs? How do you get your pup used to it?

    My little pup behaves plus I don' t want to use it to discipline or punish her, but I' ve become a weekend warrior dog instructor (I don' t get paid, but I' ve really like working with dogs and I' ve always got people asking for my help). And now someone has asked me to help with their older dog that' s going def, my pup knows lots of hand cues, but without getting her attention, of course, she doesn' to see commands to follow the cues.

    So, I did some digging and see a lot of people with def dogs A) keep the dog on leash all the time, or B) use the vibrating collars, therefore the dog looks for the commands when it feels the collar

    Therefore, this guys 10yr old jack russell has way to much energy to be taken care of leash & is well behaved when this knows what you want from it, but its been having trouble, as its is nearly def now, you really have to yell at it to get its attention and its getting jumpy, probably gets shocked not hearing things come up onto this.

    So, I' d like to use my dog as a Guinea Pig. She already knows the hand commands for many things like come, down, sit & stand, so we' ve got head start & I can focus on getting her used to the collar & following commands with out verbal cues. The Jack Russel already has to start learning hand cue' s for that commands, so I don' t want to jump right into a collar too to just compound what has to learn or get used to.

    So, my question is, how do you desensitize the dog, so it doesn' t see the vibration as a punishment, but as a cue for ' look at me' & even tougher, how do you get the def dog used to it?

    Is their any negatives with using one of these things? The cheapest one we could find is a combo shock/vibrating one… I think their is some cases where you might need a pinch or shock collar, but both my pup and this other dog are good dogs & we are not interested in punishing our dogs, but we want to improve the quality of life for his def dog and we are both short on extra $ $ , so cheep is good on the collar & my free training is all he can afford…. trainers at petco are no help & the only real experienced trainer who he found to help wanted 150$ an hour.. phhh, whos got that kinda cash.

    Anyone with a def dog? Anyone use one of the things in any context, for corrections for fun? I need some input!!



    First of all, NEVER, EVER, under any circumstances let a deaf dog off leash, that is your most readily useful lesson as a " weekend dog trainer".
    The dog cannot hear a bus coming, the so called vibration collar will not help with that.
    Second, you do not punish a dog, you correct a dog for not making a behavior you want to see exhibited. That is the basis of all genuine training, praise a behavior you want to see and correct one you do not.
    Forget the new age teaching methods that have no basis on actuality and concentrate on methods that work.
    Dogtra. com sells excellent Electric collars that can be used for both reasons. Hope I helped!

    ADD: Susan B… most associated with the top trainers in the world nowadays are using Electric collars to teach plus modify behaviors, please refrain from talking regarding things that you know nothing about!

    ADD AGAIN: Maxi… I have been wondering about that title of yours or a while and now I know, BS.
    I am one particular of those " idiot" trainers that utilizes the Electric collar and I KNOW that will I am the top at what We do. There are thousands of REAL trainers all over the world that use them with great success as well and NEVER any problems.
    Please take your ignorant comments and try them on others who may believe you, here there are usually a few of us who know much better. Only a little research would prove in order to you and others like you who " think" you know, that these collars are saving dogs lives and are being used by rescues and humane organizations as well to help dogs with aggression issues that would otherwise be put down.
    Now, seeing how you really are a " behaviorist" and you hate Electric collars so you train dogs, tell me, how perform you proof a dog after it provides been trained?

    INCLUDE: Poster.. have you ever seen an E collar being used by a pro? Have you ever even held one?
    Abused by one, my 6 and 7 year old kids tickle eachother with it!!!!!
    You and most others here have these preconceived notions about E collars and prongs that are NOT based upon reality but on what you see and hear from people too ignorant to know.
    I can abuse any dog on a FLAT collar, no need for a prong.
    Please go back to learning about real training methods that work within the real world, methods based on cause=effect, methods that have trained some of the top dogs in the world today.

    ADD: Once again, it is neither stupid nor lazy, it is training at its best. Used it work, I am not sure what your problem is currently with them.
    E collars help, not destroy the bond between dog and handler, I have used them for over 20 years and never a new single incident with one.
    As far as my children, let, let me assure you that they are THE best taken care of kids you will ever meet as I am a human, not dog advocate first and I know who my " family" is!!
    This is getting too long of an answer, there is no educating somone who is not willing. I wish you luck!

    ADD: once more… I cannot see what you posted, but, proofing involves compulsion, always has, always will, period.
    Jerking off with dog may be ok for a few people that do not get it, nevertheless, bring that dog to Kabul, Iraq or any of these garden spots and try using these nethods of training while looking for explosives or insurgent, people that want to kill you, and then we can talk again.
    This new age crap is killing dogs and you are not willing to realize it, end of story and add ons!!

    ADD: Maxi… I am not a life guard, however, I am a REAL dog trainer who is willing to prove that. You, however, never did prove anything except return with some lame remark.
    Solution my question, show me, tell me about your degree, your training abilities and knowledge, enough of the BS talk, time for proof, I am willing, are you currently?

    Tomes JUDI

    I train deaf dogs and you certainly don' t need a vibrating collar to do that.

    As for shock collars they were invented by idiots who know nothing about dog behaviour, cause and affect and wanted quick results so they could charge people a fortune and pretend they are ' top dog trainers' and unfortunately these collars are available now to the public who know even less. You don' t have to shock dogs into obeying commands and the only people who use them are complete and utter idiots unfortunately it' s the dogs that suffer, often becoming anxious and afraid, with that fear being displayed in additional behaviours, some of which is acceptable to humans so it is ignored.

    A deaf dog is taught on a lead ALWAYS.
    As for the dog having too much power to be on a lead………… why offers it got too much energy?
    What food is it being fed?
    What exercise is it getting?
    What’s it' h temperament?
    All of these queries need to be answered first and treated with as they can all cause ' too much excitement' before you even BELIEVE about let alone start any training.

    Excited energy in the dog world is negative, weak energy, the result of anxiety……… that needs addressing.

    It sounds as if you are trying to be kind within helping somebody else, however have little knowledge or even experience about dogs, sorry however you are usually going to do more harm to the dog rather than help.

    Additional: I would say then the food needs looking at, if feeding kibble then the very first ingredient needs to be a NAMED meat, any cereal content also needs to be named oats, brown rice ( No wheat, maize corn) plus if there are lots of unpronounceable chemicals these are often cheap fillers along with cereals. A dog on a good diet will reduce it' s excited behaviour in just a week. Excitement is weak/anxious energy. If ' working off lead' have light weight lengthy lead on let it trail that way you can step on it ' stroke' the lead to get attention.
    For deaf dogs, treat as puppies, training for no more than ten minutes prior to a break and play, this allows all of them to soak up the things they have learned, always on lead, try ' stroking' the lead towards you to get attention, point to your eye using a high value treat to teach eye contact hold the look give treat (remember eye contact is aggressive in dog language)
    Two items I use are a ' my toy' and Primula squeezy cheese ( tube of soft cheese within supermarkets refrigerator cabinets) these are great as you just give the dog a lick… dogs brains work, if i don' t get paid (treat) I will work harder to get it unlike people who if they don' t get paid they don' t go to work. My toy is a dog toy I buy for myself ( rope ball)play with the dog etc then when finished put it in your wallet the dog NEVER gets it to play upon its own…. everytime it comes out this means fun, great recalls and you can swing it about to get attention as dogs have peripheral vision they see this.
    Espeically for ' Greek God AKA Greekman' “If your lifeguard duties were as effective as your ignorant insults, a lot associated with people would be drowning. ”
    ' MyDogRules' I like your guts at having a go…. but don' t stress about people who are not prepared to change with the times their methods are outdated, ignorant & uneducated…. a man on a mission, they have to believe in themselves or any one else will!


    If you are using shock/vibration collars you are not a very good trainer, week-end or otherwise. Def is spelled DEAF. And many DEAF dogs can learn to respond to hand signals, they do not have to be shocked or vibrated. If the dog is 10 years old and going deaf, it' s probably coming to the end of it' s life anyway, why would they now decide to train it? Any dog that is deaf must be on leash or in a secure fenced yard.

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