What should I do about my mom's boyfriend?

Okay, so a little background: my mom started dating her boyfriend when I was four. He would constantly make me do chores, yell at me and he once said, "I HATE YOU," at the top of his lungs. I was also four
I m currently 13 now and he makes me do chores. I m not talking the usual load, I m talking other things, such as…
-Clean the "F**cking Stove""
-Clean up the dog s sh**. (I know this is normal… But the fact that I have six dogs…)
And others. It s really hard to explain since I;m trying not to swear. He has a little girl(my half-sister. With my mom…) annnnnnnd he treats her like she s a queen and I m a servant. I honestly sound like Cinderella.. Anyways… He said that in the chain, there s my mom, him, my sister, my DOGS, then there s me. If I m lucky… I want to live with my dad but I m underage.. Also.. He has says that "She's either playing stupid or she's stupid." I'm currently grounded for about a total of two months for something I did do and he accused me of lying. So what should I do?
P.S. I can t talk to my mom about these things as she will just say suck it up.

  • <cite class="sig">JULIANN Sweere</cite>

    Tell your dad how he is treating you. Tell him how you feel and tell him to please help you and have him talk to your mom for you. If all fails get his on video swearing and acting like an a** hole and call child protective services and show them the evidence of him treating you bad. He might get taken away feom the family so it will be just you and your mom and your sister. Dont show your mom doing anything bad in the video so child protective services doesnt take both of them away.make it seem like your mom is good which im sire she is and like hes the one who is abusive.