Brining a CCI dog to school?

I volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), and although I am not a full-time puppy raiser, I am helping a woman who is. I suggested I bring the dog to school for TRAINING purposes, and she agreed. My question now is, what do you think the school will say, and how long will it take for my school to give me the go-ahead? Will they have to check with the school board or the state's education people? It's only one day, not like for the whole year. I am going to my principle first, but do you think I'll have to talk to anyone else?

P.S. I got to a PRIVATE school in Chicago, if that gives any detail….

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    while you didn't state it this way, it appears from your comments that this is a "Service Dog in Training" and in that case, the dog should be very welcome at the school. Service Dogs in training are allowed to go any place an active Service Dog can go, which is anywhere it's handler goes.

    Of course, in some private schools you get people who are control freaks and don't understand, so please get some online information on Service Dogs and print it up to back up the right of the dog to go anywhere. You may find some helpful information at the Delta Society's website. -!-

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