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  • im in a chair and we want to get a service dog plus am would love to talk to somebody. i dont know anybody in a wheelchair so i dont know what people private experience with service dogs is. i have got so many questions i would love in order to talk to someone if there anyone out there. thanks


    I are not, but I was considering as becoming a puppy raiser for a service canine training group for some time. There are usually a couple of groups out there that will are very good and also have a lot of information that will help you. Furthermore, I' m sure they could put a person in contact with some of their current customers. Try these:

    Canine Companions for Independence

    Assistance Dog Institute

    ADI is among the most in-depth training service I' ve ever seen. They do A LOT of research on how dogs learn, had been the first to discover that puppies may learn and retain commands as young six weeks, and have even taught dogs in order to read (on a limited vocabulary, obviously! ) Some of their stories are incredible.
    But they are in California plus are more into having people start their own dog training organizations than branching out there their own, so it may not end up being easy to get a dog directly through them. CCI is nationwide and there can be certainly likely to be a local section in your area.


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    The Canine Companions Assistance dog can change the particular life of a person in need
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    “Certified therapy dogs don't train for specific disabilities,” said Sue Pearce, a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. “They don't train for depression, they don't train for anxiety… They train to ignore their surroundings …
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  • Shocking Dog Food Ingredients Exposed

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    From Sharda Baker
    Thursday 24 December 2015

    Dear other dog lover,

    We have all heard the “horror stories” about the tainted, and sometimes poisonous, dog foods on the market, AND REGARDING ALL THE DOG FOOD RECALLS.

    Many of all of us are aware of the poor quality, occasionally useless, filler ingredients in many commercial canine foods and the dangers of many food items cooked in our homes for our canines.

    Actually though you prepare your dog’s food on home, there’s the danger of feeding the particular wrong type of food.

    They can take advantage of your pet of? IT’S ENERGY, IT COULD HEALTH, AND OF IT’S VERY LIFE BY ITSELF .

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    Alarm bells first started ringing just for me regarding dog food, several years back, after seeing the pain an acquaintance, Sonia (not her real name) went through right after losing her 2 dogs, one aged 8 and…

    Shocking Dog Food Ingredients Exposed

  • canine companions for independence service dogsVideo Canine Companions For Independence Service Dogs

    This video shows my Canine Companions for Independence service dog, Dembre, practicing commands to pick up his metal food bowl from the floor, using my “foot-protecting-step-plate”, and holding his bowl over my lap so I can take it from him. We’ve got room for improvement yet we did pretty well, especially considering that we’ve only been working together less than 2 months. Sorry for the dark backdrop–my whole unit has very dark woodwork.

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