My dad abused my dog im really upset and already resented him?

My dog likes to play so my dog seen my nans bird which was outside the cage and put his paws on the cage the bird freaked and tried to fly but has its wings clipped so it tried to run my dog just wanted to play so pawed him (didnt use his mouth) my dad yelled twice i told my dog off once and he walked away as my dog walked away my dad wearing steel cap boots kick my dog in the stomach my dog screamed in pain i screamed at my so called father/******** saying what are you doing he yelled what am i doing and the rest didnt make sence i picked my dog up ran to the vet called the after hours number and they came done xrays and stuff my dog has lost trust in me as if im the blame and i feel like a b word i dont know what to do he has abused me in the past and i want to move but im only 17 so i cant move someone give me some info on how to keep him away with out me going to the police?

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    you just have to try to stay out of his way… if your father is abusing you, there are organizations that will help you. IF you are seeing a mental health professional, they can write a letter that says you need your dog for emotional support. that will give your dog the same housing rights as a service dog so it will be easier to take the dog with you when you leave (you wont have to pay pet deposits or fees and hes exempt from no-pet policies)

    if you're 17 but have graduated highschool, in most places you can leave home.

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    If you have proof of your allegations in the form of photos/videos, date/time stamped and witnesses willing to come forward with the same evidence, then produce that evidence to the authorities.

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