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  • In some case household pets. They started with pit bull and rotts, they are dangerous. They add boxers plus mastiffs to the list. Now list z " dangerous" dog includ, akitas. alasken malaMATES, american eskimo dog, chows, dodies, greman shepherd, saint bernard. In some places they includ all hunting dogs. In some cities creatures like hamsters, ginnie pigs, Parriots, reptiles. The lot of this gose back to organizations like PETA, HSUS and ALF to title a few. stand up and fight. Within case you don' t we all nicely lose.


    Yeah, and you will understand the reason why they pass so easily possibly the solutions you get.

    We are not sure of the final L' ville law, but as it was created it is very scary. Unneutered dog a person need a 6ft fence, one foot subterranean, and he can have NO contact along with other dogs, that is a GREAT method to increase aggression. Puppies can have simply no connection with ANYONE other than the proprietor until they are 16 weeks. If your own dog should somehow get out and ALTERNATING CURRENT picks it up it WILL be S/N, no matter it was a single period mistake or that it is an extremely prized stud dog. And yes, hSUS experienced a BIG turn in this.

    This kind of crap is usually being passed all over the country, UNA county, L' ville, and HEART in Albuquerque are probably the worst. In Albuquerque they will can confinscate your dog if he doesn' t have environment enriching toys!

    Keep SQUEEZING the pet proprietors until it is SO HARD to possess a pet that nobody can comply along with the ridiculous rules!!!

    In MY city, we have a harmful dog law. If my dog were in order to chase a bike, she would be regarded a DD, and I would have in order to purchase , 000 insurance, post DD indications, and keep my dog muzzled. If our dog were to get loose, the law enforcement can shoot her down on the road if they think she ' looks' harmful. How to know the police is experienced to determine this? Well, they get a good already trained dog through an 8 7 days obedience class. It would be funny in case it weren' t true.

    If the pet owning public doesn' t wake up SOON, it can be too past due!

    Suede blueyes – " I really do feel, however, that there are not really strict enough laws on individuals that KNOWINGLY own an aggressively dangerous animal"

    They can pass all the particular laws they WANT! The thugs and the particular uncaring, irresponsible owners will not trot upon in to comply. WHY would you believe the thugs would care if they are usually within the law??? WHY would you believe a law would make the uncaring TREATMENT??? These laws mainly affect the law abiding, caring citzens, plus they are NOT the particular problem!

    The real COULD do, is ENFORCE the already current LEASH LAW! Get dogs off the roads! The Law in L' ville came regarding because of 2 attacks. One was the particular family dog, the other was from the dog that a senior citizens center got been calling AC about for MONTHS!!! Just how about if AC just DOES THEIR WORK! But no, instead pass more laws that will are likely to be as selectively unplaned as the other ones! AC should end up being spending LESS time seizing dogs for ridiculous reasons and MORE time enforcing the TEATHER laws!!!

    Shepherd girl – " We do not blame the groups I fault people for being so ignorant"

    I rarely, if ever, argue with you, but I don' t completely agree with this statement. It is the particular fault of the ignorant owners, yes. Nevertheless the AR groups are pushing HARD in order to pass these laws that have already been shown to NOT work! They may not really be doing this with the goal associated with fixing the problem, it just furthers their particular no more pets agenda.

    " we have a generation associated with people who do not learn anything unless of course they have got seen it on TV"

    Isn' t THAT WILL the truth! The average American citizen is definitely MUCH too busy going to lunch plus shopping for the latest gadget, to in fact THINK!!!


    As lengthy as people are willing to take this kind of a few morons say as truth rather of carrying out a little research this particular is exactly what is going to take place. In Italy 92 breeds are now considered dangerous and if peta and other comparable groups get their way we will end up being headed in the same direction. I perform not blame the groups I blame individuals for being so ignorant when buying, raising and keeping dogs, I also fault everyone who wants to take the simple solution by banning certain breeds or deeming them dangerous. Eventually every breed of canine will have to be banned or considered dangerous because as ppl abandon the prohibited or dangerous breeds they will move upon to a different breed and next issue you know there goes another breed additional to the list and eventually all canines is going to be on the listing so no more dog ownership. People require to wake up but the problem will be that society lowered the standards so a lot that now we have a generation associated with people who do not learn anything unless of course they have got seen it on TELEVISION. It really is a shame.

    Why I blame people can be b/c if they would do a small research before getting a dog the pet rights groups would have nothing to make use of as a campaign for their cause. I actually know that breed specific laws do not really work but provided that people keep getting creatures and do nothing with these it strengthens their own arguments. I agree leash laws really require to be enforced but I also think harsher punishments should be passed for individuals who own dangerous dogs (not breeds) due to the fact if they ban breeds all that will certainly happen is those that use dogs designed for illegal activities or people who get canines which are just plain ignorant will simply move on to another breed until that will breed has been banned and so upon ond so on.
    I possess written and emailed so many representitives plus aldermen about BSL because in Illinois they will have been trying to sneak them in each and every year and in IL they have ten breeds they wish to deem dangerous (mine is one particular of them) therefore i understand completely.
    MJ: just reread your post I skipped a couple of paragraphs but I discover we agree completely on most points. (mine were not expressed as well)
    April: how you fight is to obtain heard, getting family and friends involved within letters and emails to State Reps plus aldermen. We have beat BSL 4x at this point in IL doing it this way.


    There are A LOT of irresponsible pet owners out there and they create it bad for all of us.

    I live near Colorado where there has been a recent discussion on the ban of Pit Bulls. We agree with the other poster that house animals are aggressive, in large part, because associated with their owners. I actually do feel, nevertheless, that there are not strict enough laws and regulations on individuals that KNOWINGLY own an strongly dangerous animal (I' m not talking breed of dog here, I' m talking particular animal).

    Another thing people fall short to take into consideration is animals are usually not people… they are animals, including canines. They will always be animals and simply no matter how much we love our canines, and how much they are part associated with our family, we do not know just how they are going to react under every single situation.

    I got two dogs, one is a 65lb faustk

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