how to make your dog a service dog how to make your dog a service dog:

  • i have seizures and my dog will alert people and will stay by my side until i come to.


    In the U.S. to have and use a service dog, the person must meet the legal definition of "disabled" as set forth by the U.S. Department Of Justice contained in the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act. No legal determination of disability = no service dog. Simply having a "disorder" does not mean one is disabled. Having a medical problem or condition does not mean you are disabled. Having depression does not mean one is disabled. "Lack of social skills" does not qualify as a disability. Because you have had anxiety and panic attacks does not mean you are disabled. Being "impaired" is not the same as being disabled. Having a doctor give one a "diagnosis" is not the same as being disabled. Being too lazy to properly monitor ones blood glucose and insulin levels is not a disability. The person MUST meet the ADA legal definition of disabled.

    Having a doctor write a "note" does not make a pet a service dog. Paying some scam website for a phoney-baloney "certificate" does not magically turn a pet into a service dog. The "certificates" offered online aren't legal or worth the paper they are printed on, since there is no legal requirement for any type of "certification" and no legally recognized agency which can do any type of "certification".

    Then the dog must be individually trained in work or tasks which directly mitigate the effects of the qualifying disability (the dog must do something that the person is unable to do for themselves because of their disability).The simple presence of the animal is not a legal task or work under the law. "Feeling better" because the dog is there does not qualify as a task or work under the law. "Helping me stay calm in the stores and other places" is not a legal task or work under the law. "Because he gets me out of the house" is not a legal task or work under the law. "I don't panic as much when the dog is with me" is not a legal task or work under the law. "She also seems to act weird before I begin to feel bad or have any episodes" is not a trained work or task under the law. "When I am near him and when I can hug him I feel almost whole" is not a legal task or work under the law. The dog must actually be trained to do something you cannot do for yourself, which is related to your qualifying disability. The dog must also be trained to behave properly when in the public venue, and be under the handlers control at all times. The work or task MUST be related to the qualifying disability.

    The first thing you must do is to be certain you meet the ADA legal definition of disabled. Begin there.

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  • I want to Make my dog into a service security dog. what are the laws in las vegas for service dogs?


    What are you planning? People with disabilities are granted public access for dogs trained to preform tasks to help them. Dog guides help the visually impaired find their way. The mobility impaired have dogs to open doors and may other things. Other dogs help with seizures and blood sugar.

    Most service dogs are bred for the job by formal programs and spend their first year with volunteers before going for training. Our 9 month old Delilah will go for her dog guide training the end of the summer. Many people train their own dogs to assist them. The key is the dog preforming tasks to aid the impaired. I am not sure if personal protection would qualify.

    Security dogs are a different thing. They are mostly trained in programs too, and usually are handled by law officers. I am not sure how an owner trained dog would work.

    Service dogs are covered everywhere in the country except federal property by the ADA. There are similar, but slightly different regulations for federal property. Service dogs in training and foster puppies are covered by a patchwork of state and local laws. I am unfamiliar with the laws in Las Vegas for them.


    Are you disabled? If you are not disabled you can not have a service dog.

    To have a service dog 3 things must be true:

    1) The handler must meet the ADA definition of disabled. This means that you must have a physical, medical, or psychiatric condition that SIGNIFICANTLY negatively impacts one or more major life activity such as waking, talking, caring for oneself, learning, etc… The basic activities of life.

    2) The dog must be trained to do something to mitigate the disability. This means that the dog must do something that the handler can not do for themselves due to their disability.

    3) The dog must be trained to behave properly in public.

    Oh, and service dogs are trained for 18 mo – 2 years, not 7-8 weeks!

  • how to make your dog a service dogVideo How To Make Your Dog A Service Dog

    WarKitteh: In my job I have to deliver frequent Information Security briefings to both technical and non-technical professionals. I noticed that as the material got more technical, I began to lose the non-technical crowd. Therefore, I started including humorous pictures of cats and made the briefings include stories about those cats. This worked, and I soon became notorious for my presentation style. After delivering one of those presentations, an audience member offered to lend me their cat tracking collar. The collar contained a GPS device and a cellular component and would track your cats movements throughout the neighborhood. Me being the guy I am, I thought “All you need now is a WiFi sniffing device and you’d have a War Kitteh.” I laughed, and started working on it.

    DoS Dog: With apologies to LadyMerlin (who has since blessed the project) I attended Outerz0ne one year and LadyMerlin brought her dog. They had labeled the puppy the “Denial of Service Dog” as the pooch demanded so much attention that it was impossible to complete any task other than petting the dog. I thought that if you loaded a doggie backpack with different equipment (e.g. a Pineapple) you could create a Denial of Service Dog of a different kind.

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