I live next door to an animal horder. Who may be possibly insane but still is a sweet old lady. Is there anyone I can call to help her.?

I know for a fact that she's not all there when it comes to being sane. When one of her dogs dies which is frequently, she invites everyone she knows to the dogs funeral. I've been to four in the last month, so I know for a fact that she doesn't need to own any animal. The smell inside her house and outside is horrible, and I'm the only one in my neighborhood that actually wants to help. The others don't really care that much for her and want her gone, though she needs help. Most of the dogs are small dogs, mostly chi's and the mixes they've made. The animal shelter is the only place that I know to call, other than that I'm lost. Any suggestions?

  • <cite class="sig">AUGUSTA</cite>

    You can call the health bureau or social services. Calling animal control will result in the seizing of the dogs (which has to be done anyway) but won't do a thing to help her. It sounds as though she is "off" and does need help. Taking the animals away from a hoarder without getting that person the help they need does not good – being a hoarder they will soon have more animals and the cycle continues.

  • <cite class="sig">Leadbetter SHERITA</cite>

    And you haven't called the authorities yet, why?

    think of the poor innocent dogs.

    Call a rescue first.
    they deserve better.

    the woman…who cares about her. she's not caring for the dog properly, by making them live in filth. that's what matters.

    I would have taken pictures and contacted PETA (yes, they will help) and the rescues of the breed, and then finally animal control….by now.

    what are you waiting for?

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