Service Dog Laws in New York State?

I am a landlord with a no pet policy. Recently, a tenant came to me with a service dog. She handed me a letter from her doctor stating the animal was a service dog, however, she admitted to just purchasing the stray dog from the SPCA.

Do service dogs need to be trained by someone licensed, then given to the adult with a disability? Or can someone just buy a dog and say its a service dog. This tenant says that she is training the dog, however, she has never owned a dog in the past and has never taken any dog license classes to certify the tenant as a teacher.

The laws seem vague on here and it appears that claiming a dog is a service dog is a loophole to avoid the no pet policy. This person has been living in my building, top floor, for many years. never once seemed to have any need for a service animal. It is as if she just got an SPCA dog, claims it is a service dog, along with a letter from her doctor stating this dog is needed for emotional attachment?

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    First, she has to provide proof she is disabled, she gets that from social security. Second, the dog has to be prescribed by a doctor. Third it has to be trained to perform specific tasks related to the disability. You are allowed to ask specifically what tasks those are.

    "emotion support" dogs are for the mentally disabled, but are not service dogs, you do NOT have to allow them. If you want to she still has to document she suffers from a mental disability (few are ill enough to be awarded disability) and the dog has to be prescribed by a psychiatrist. It's only special privileges is that is can go on an airplane in the cabin and public housing allows them.

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