Son was just diagnosed with autism, alternatives to ABA PLEEEASE!!!?

My 4 year old son was finally (after a 2 year wait!!) diagnosed with severe autism. He is non-verbal and is violent towards himself (ie. bites and scratches his hands and arms, and bangs his head). He really has no communication skills whatsoever, which is a problem because he screams a lot too out of frustration.

We live in a small town in rural BC (2,000 people live there..) and my mother just moved here too to be helpful. Except she isn't helpful, because she doesn't "believe" in autism. My husband and I are separated and we have 2 sets of twins on top of the autistic 4 year old. My mother used to give me money, but now that she found out that I will be using it for ABA, she has stopped and said her only help will be giving me helpful parenting advice.

I cannot afford ABA.

I cannot afford a service dog.

I cannot afford to do nothing, because there is only one school for my son to go to, and it does not have much in the way of special-needs experience.

I'm so stressed out right now. Currently we go to a kiddie gym that happens to have these awesome swings which I use to improvise some sort of occupational therapy with him. I have read lots of books on dealing with autism. But I they all seem kind of out-there, other than ABA that is.

So I was wondering if anyone has actually tried to do some kind of therapy with their autistic child which has had some effect. Can you tell me about it? I will be eternally grateful (like the aliens from Toy Story, but less annoying).

Thank-you! :S

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    thats sad that the govt won't provide the resources. i knew a family who lived in Canada and US and said they got much better help in Canada…

    Greenspans DIR is a good alternative for some involves a lot of natural environment teaching and incidental learning (which are included in good ABA). The big difference is they don't do the discrete trials which are good for initially teaching learning behavior and rote skills.

    look up occupational therapy and sensory integration..give a lot of sensory input to his arms, head, and mouth…handheld vibrators and vibrating toothbrushes are often used…there are even teethers that vibrate when you bite

    pictures or signs can be used for communication

    look up PECS

    there are variations and co existing techniques to aba…verbal behavior, TEACHH

    also look up RDI

    Although I have limited training in official DIR, I have used it successfully.

    PT isn't common for kids with autism, but some do need it.

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