When traing a service dog when should you start intruducing them to public areas?

tucker is a 2 year old coonhound mix and I did get his vest as well as patches and service dog . I do have a letter from my audiologists as well as my primary care doctor to . tucker has all his shots as well as registration . I have trained pets before but tucker is my first dog that im am training currently my hearing impairment is 90% loss in right and 40% in left ear my disability is progressinal . currently im traing tucker to alert me to four cues my alarm clock, the door , my phone and a motion detectior at my work . but I also am naturally alerted by his natural instinct to turn his head at a sound or wild animal we do live in the country and get snakes, wolfs, deer, and coyotes so he instinct to look alerts me to look .

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    Training a service dog is nothing like training a pet. Even though the dog is an adult, it will still take about a year or more to train him to the standards required. Service dog behavior needs to be nearly invisible and the tasks they perform will take time as well. According to the law, natural alerts such as your description of Tucker turning his head at sounds, is not a legal task. It must be trained. As of right now, your dog is not a service dog in training, but a service dog prospect. Not every dog will have the personality traits or temperament to be able to be a service dog. A service dog can never show any kind of aggression to any kind of animal or person, even a hat. This is why there is a period of 'service dog candidate' to test for any triggers. This lasts about 3-6 months before graduating to the level of service dog in training. There will be training the entire time so don't worry if you feel this waste's time.
    You are better off going to a organization to receive a dog, the time it takes to train your own dog compared to receiving one fully trained is about the same. This alleviates the possibility of a dog 'washing out' which is about 50-80% chance at having to start over. The cost is about the same as well, the myth of owner trained dogs being cheaper is just that, a myth. Work closely with a personal trainer who has trained many service dogs (but do your research, there are many scams out there!), since this is your first time.
    To start training, use places where pets are allowed. Many states do NOT recognize service dogs that are in training or candidates unless they are with an accredited facility such as Canine Companions for Independence (who gives their dogs away for free by the way!). Do check your state laws, if this is your states rule, you have no choice but to go to an accredited facility or employ an accredited trainer who can do the public access for you; otherwise you will face fines and jail time plus other consequences should businesses choose to take action.
    If your state has no ruling, public access shoulf not start until the dog is house broken and excels at basic obedience and can remain calm in different situations (socializing at pet stores is a great start as well as taking dog to a park to listen to sounds and see different things to get hi acclimated to life as a service dog). Once your dog is able to handle the stress (if he passes) then you can start taking short trips to different public places although do check your laws, you may have to ask permission before entering!

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