My vet suggested I put my dog down because I lacked the money?

I adopted a dog that was unknown to me heartworm positive. I know a little about the infection because years ago my sister's dog had them. Back then it cost her around 600 dollars to clear her dog of them. I have 1,000 dollars and am more than willing to spend it on my dog but my vet says I am lacking about 2,000 dollars. I told her that seems like overcharging (maybe I shouldn't have said that…) and she told me I should just put the dog down if I can't afford her.

Is she trying to dupe me or has heartworm treatment really gone up that drastically?

Snowdy YURI
  • <cite class="sig">Osgood.BIRGIT</cite>

    Do not listen to that horrible solution! Call around to other vets and explain your situation, you have a good amount of money already which shows your dedication to your dog. Most VETS are concerned about animals and don't want to ever have to resort to putting one down. 3000$ dollars seems rather steep for heartworm treatment as I have had a few friends who are not millionaires able to afford the treatment.
    Ask about a credit company called Care Credit I believe, most VETS will have them out on display, and can call and submit it right there and get an answer of approval and what amount. I would also highly recommend to go to GO FUND ME SITE immediately and tell your story, and be sure to include everything you did above, I am most confident you will get immediate results.

    However, whatever else you do DO NOT RETURN TO THAT VET FOR ANYTHING, especially for this treatment. Then be sure to post on your FB and on their website as it usually allows for patients comments and let it out! You need to make others aware of this place and the horrible service and treatment they provide, because if someone doesn't know about it they will put their babies in their trust and live to regret it.

    Gosh I do hope you get answers immediately and your dog has got your love and determination on his side.

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    Many vets will work with you to set up a payment plan, because you're willing to pay and care for your pet, and have come seeking veterinary care which is more than some people ever do, and some vets know this.

    Heartworm treatment (along with many other things) can be very expensive, and it depends on the size of the dog as well as their age and the stage of the disease. Heartworm is frequently fatal, and the treatment is a toxic poison that can also be fatal.

    I've seen heartworm treatment pricing anywhere from $500 for small dogs in the early stages, to $1,900 for larger dogs (also early stage). The increased cost for your dog may be due to size, age, or the disease having progressed to the point where the dog may die soon without treatment.

    Again, many veterinarians offer monthly payment plans and will basically give you a contract stating that you owe them and will pay a certain minimum price every month, sometimes with a deadline for it to be paid in full, and sometimes with no deadline.

    You can try other vets, but I think your veterinarian may have taken issue with you because your dog may have severe heartworm, and may be nearing later stages of the disease, and needs care right now. If you look for another vet, look for one that can do a payment plan (if you've already discussed that with your current vet and they declined).

    Many dogs survive heartworm (normally strays taken from the street who are treated quickly), so I hope you won't have your dog euthanized without trying, or that you won't let your dog die a painful lingering death from heartworm disease.

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