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  • My spouse is thinking about enrolling for Karen Pryor dog trainer program ( It takes 4 months and costs around $ 5500. I had been wondering if anyone has any idea regarding how much this program is worth performing for starting a new business. We possess recently moved to central NJ and don' t know about the kind of requirement for the dog trainer from this academy. Perform people seek out Karen Pryor certified instructors? How does one go about starting the home business with this certificate? Any ideas/suggestions welcome.


    What exactly is wrong with Karen Pryor? Is she too much of an optimistic reinforcement trainer for you? Karen Pryor offers spent over 50 years training a broad variety of animals and studying behavior mindset.

    I looked upward Michael Ellis and well surprise, surprise he or she is a Schutzhund trainer.

    Sorry, but not everyone chooses Schutzhund because their canine sport and not everybody is even INTERESTED in learning Schutzhund. Presuming anyone other than Schutzhund/Protection dog trainers are usually crap is just sad.

    ADD: When did she ask/call the particular dog whisperer for help? They should end up being enemies in the dog training world! Perform you have an article or something regarding it?

    To the particular questioner – I do think that this Karen Pryor Academy is a good place in order to start.

    ADD: I actually still don' t see what your issue is with Karen Pryor! Just how can she not really be " up to your standards" in the event that SHE is the founder of clicker teaching! Clicker training has replaced a lot associated with the traditional and sometimes abusive training strategies which I KNOW that the Schutzhund/Protection instructors advocate! Yes, she doesn' t compete, yet she' s still successful in what the lady does. Not everyone WANTS to compete. The girl main goal would be to teach plus spread the word about clicker training. Therefore sorry if that’s what you think, yet (much to your disgust) she is really well known.

    Karen Pryor is very talented. Not many individuals have the time or the patience in order to come up with the clicker and medically prove that it works much more than your own voice even.

    That’s a lot better than marching out on to an area and hitting dogs with the stick to see if they’re Schutzhund deserving and hanging them for disobeying. Hopefully Eileen Ellis doesn’t do that, but it seems to be a very common practice within police work.

    As soon as again, some people DO NOT pick safety sports as their chosen field to function along with their dog. What exactly perform you think when you meet anyone who has simply no interest in the sport? If they have got a dog tilted in obedience and speed, are you silently going to think “Ha! I have a Schutzhund dog. My canine is WAY better because Schutzhund is quite demanding. ” Shame on you if that’s what you think! Possess some respect to get ALL the canine sports and their handlers. Obedience and agility aren’t “work free! ”


    It' s not really worth 5 bucks. If she wants in order to visit a quality school Tom Rose' s i9000 and Michael Ellis' are the only two worth visiting.

    -edit- I' ve got about half a mil TDs but the fact of the issue is the only kennels making money are usually working dog kennels and huge show kennels (which are usually breeders of working canines as well)… they will literally laugh on you if you come in with the Karen Pryor School of Hugging and The kiss Pooches Certificate. She' s a comedian' s i9000 wife who needed to call the CANINE WHISPERER for help… ENOUGH SAID!

    -edit- Ayla… the very greatest dog trainers on the planet train within protection sports since they are the majority of demanding of a dog. Anybody can get a dog to obey on a nicely manicured lawn during an AKC OB occasion, it' s harder when you have in order to do the same obedience on an industry with gunfire, decoys throwing stuff, chasing 1 another, and throwing food around while the particular dog is within the highest amount associated with drive possible. As common sense would negate such a training atmosphere would breed the particular very best trainers in the World… plus it does.

    Second of all Mike Ellis doesn' t do Schutzhund with all, he is last years Mondioring 3 or more Champion… learn your training disciplines before a person talk crap.

    Finally Mike Ellis DOES use marker and clicker training as well so your argument provides no basis and no leg to endure on.

    If a person can find something intelligent that would demonstrate that indeed doing obedience with high generate dog in a very charged atmosphere doesn' t call for better training than making use of a clicker to teach a low generate BYB dog to sit be my visitor: )…

    When Karen Pryor who won' to even be teaching a class and offers never been competitive in any form associated with dog training does something worthwhile let myself know. Heck when one of her LEARNERS do something worth mentioning let me understand. Nobody cares about how exactly good the girl trainers claim they are, what have they will done, in what have they competed, exactly what have they WON?


    The truth from the matter is:
    Deal with training will motivate a dog to follow simple obedience commands in a controlled atmosphere with little to no distractions. The kitchen area, living room, yard, etc. are good illustrations. The dog will usually respond in these types of areas, provided they are hungry.

    However, it is improbable that the dog will respond favorably outdoors, with distractions. At this point there can be no way to reinforce the commands. The particular dog won' t be interested in whatever you have worked so hard to teach your pet with all the other things happening close to him.
    Once you take your own dog out into the real world, a person will find that treat training has serious limitations.

    Moreover, deal with training immediately tells the dog that a person are a follower. This puts the canine in charge.

    Actually though some people get some results along with training obedience commands, it is the behavior aspect of the trained that suffers. This particular is due to the instructions owners obtain to deal with behavioral issues.

    Owners are instructed to frequently present submissive body language to their canines. For instance, if the dog jumps, proprietors are told to turn their back in order to your dog. This is submissive behavior, which usually empowers the dog. In case a canine jumps on another dog, and that canine turns away, he is submissive. If the particular dog growls around food or toys, the particular owner is instructed to leave the canine alone, and walk away. Again, submissive actions.

    Because of this these canines are arrogant, pushy, disobedient, obstinate, disrespectful, rule, and can be an aggressive to additional animals and to the owner.

    Pet owners who come in order to us for training, don' t go somewhere else after completing our program.
    Nevertheless, 90% of dog owners participating in the program have tried Positive Reinforcement training 1st.

    Almost 100% through the private in-home Behavioral sessions we perform are usually in response to unwanted dog behaviors that will were either acquired, or intensified, as the direct result of Positive reinforcement training.

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