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  • Okay I actually own a 2 year old Shepherd whom I wanted to be a service pet for myself. I spoke with a female who certified service dogs and she informed me due to his shyness towards individuals (he was a rescue) she would approve him as a companion animal which might legally entitle me to keep him within no pet housing which is what I actually wanted. I didnt want him to end up being able to go into stores. So after that she decided to certify him as the service dog that must wear a snout when in public. My dog has by no means lunged, snapped or bitten anyone… ever. The girl then told me until I could pay for to hire a trainer to help myself thats how it would have to end up being. So i sent her the money the girl wanted by money order and she delivered us a vest with patches.. I in no way signed anything. So then she asked me personally if I wish to take a course along with her to become a certified trainer plus I said yes. Then she told myself I can use my dog to go via the course and train him. out associated with honesty I told her I used the head halti on him that i believed was okay because I was going in order to make use of this course with the girl. I told her he responds well in order to the halti, the barking at individuals in order to say " hey im here" has started to improve and IF he would attempt to bite which would never happen the particular halti would close his mouth. After I actually told her this she revoked my accreditation and told me that she would sign up him being an Emotional Support Dog that will has to wear a muzzle. If We wanted the muzzle order removed I may have to hire a trainer and obtain a letter stating the dog does not really need to wear a muzzle or get him through a behavoir modifacation course and the muzzle order would be removed plus she would re-certify him as a provider dog for me. I had been trying to discover a trainer to help me and after that seemingly unprovoked she sent me an email challenging I send her back the vest plus patches and also his ID card or the lady would call animal control and have myself fined for being in illegal possesion upon a vest. Then she said necessary may be refund. With them oney I delivered her I got a 1 year assistance dog certification (I only got 2 weeks of actual certification) and the vest.

    Then she tried in order to convince me to get rid of the dog and buy an already trained upon from her. But I couldnt keep this particular one as he may pass on the particular bad behaviour. So now she actually will be threatening me with her legal representation plus so forth… Should I mail her back again the vest? Should Id emand money back again? Also she said he was certified along with the Canadian Service Dog Registry and We cannot seem to fin their contact details and she will not give it in order to me.

    What need to I do about it?

    Please no rude replies about exactly how exactly in your opinion my dog need to not be certified being a service dog mainly because he is timid. EVERY dog has the particular potential to bite even professionally trained canines. We had a guide dog here maul and kill a 6 year old kid a few years back. My dog assists me and all I wanted was your pet to beregistered as something that would allow me to keep him if I shifted to no pets housing although now We are hearing it is illegal in Ontario to refuse pets.. even if it actually is in the lease. Like I mentioned no rude replies. I know he shouldnt of been certified but even though he or she was I never took him into shops because of his shyness.

    Is it my right to maintain her vest and Id patch with their identification until I am refunded the cash?


    Honestly, something sounds rubbish here.

    There can be no " service dog registry".. there is certainly no authority. It is actually pretty simple for someone to obtain a fake services dog vest, its illegal to undertake, but the also illegal (in most situations) that you can become asked for proof that your dog can be a service dog.

    Honestly this might sound more like this particular person is after your money, seems such as some kind of elaborate scam.. she offered you a vest, before you were examined to determine your needs, and prior in order to the dog was actually trained. She provides offered " training" and has also attempted to sell you a " trained" canine. Now she is threatening to report a person, even tho she sold the vest in order to you, knowing that the dog was not really an actual service animal? Call legal help.. they can assist you with this.

    Also a service canine should not be expected to wear the muzzle.. if your dog is the truth that timid, he probably isnt a great candidate to operate in public anyways. Indeed, ALL dogs do have the to nip.. but a dog should feel secure within public so that he can focus upon his work.. besides, you said you didnt want a dog for public, you desired an emotional support dog that you can keep in non-pet housing.. its also ridiculous to require that the dog wear the muzzle as an ESA too.. ESA' t are not granted the same public gain access to as Service dogs. Any pet can become an ESA.. all you need for that will is a statement from your Dr or even Psychiatrist stating that it is reccommended that will you keep a pet, as the dog is beneficial for the physical or psychological well-being.

    Yes, there are some laws in Ontario regarding pets and housing, you might need to seek advice from the local casing authority on that. I reside in the particular US, so Im not sure on precisely how that law works (here, landlords have got the right to refuse pets)

    Furthermore just because you are disabled doesnt imply your dog is a service dog.. your own dog actually has to be TRAINED in order to perform a task or function which is usually beneficial to your disability.


    I assume you live in Europe & don' t know the laws generally there. However just paying someone money for the vest & paperwork w/o doing training which usually for actual service dogs takes 1- 2yr to complete sounds like a scam. Within US therapy/support dogs don' t have the particular same rights & depends on where a person live if landlord have to allow within no pets rentals. Here only a physician can prescribe a therapy dog for the person. I am not sure what a person can do since you paid with cash orders unless you kept copies as evidence of payment. I would be contacting specialists & the Disabilities dept. which here the lady could be arrested for fraudulent documents. Unless of course you are actually disabled & require the service animal, you are not going in order to get around no pets policy of property owners & shouldn' t.

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