Training my dog as a dog for anxiety?

I had a lot of anxiety and when I'm allowed to bring my dog places she calms me down and she very calm and stays near me, but she sometimes barks as at other dogs, and a dog trainer said she sees them as a treat towards me and she stop barking if I calm down nd seem safe but obviously I can't be calm all the time. I heard that you can get regular dog certified for simpler things and I've heard of people get certification for anxiety, how would i go about doing the. All i saw online were kits that they just send you but does that actually certify them, don't they need training?

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    If you are talking of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) what you need is a letter, on letterhead, written by your health care professional, stating that the animal is necessary to your mental and emotional well being. It must be dated and renewed every 12 months. This gets the animal into no pet housing and for free on an airplane but not all access like a service dog. No restaurants or stores or movie theaters or anyplace that doesn't normally allow pets. They are thinking of expanding the access to places of employment.

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    you need to leave questions up longer…at least 24 hours..
    NO NOT EVERY HAS ANXIETY PROBLEMS…there is a difference between normal anxiety due to a real threat and an anxiety disorder.

    for an do not need to renew it every 12 months unless the LL requests it..

    online kits are in fact a scam

    a service dog that has public access throughout the US must be specifically trained to do actual tasks, not just provide comfort.

    a comfort animal is only an Emotional Support animal.

    you don't have basic dog training skills..there is no way you can train a service dog….i trained my friends dog not to bark at other dogs…it wasn't hard..

    AS A SERVICE DOG, YOU DO NOT NEED A NOTE TO GO IN PUBLIC (only for private housing)

    ACTUALLY< I RECENTLY READ THAT A REGULAR DOC (not a mental health doc) can verify the need)

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