dog shock collar with remote control dog shock collar with remote control:

  • so for a dog shock collar, right now there are buttons like
    then theres 2 a lot more buttons that say good tone and poor tone
    im just wondering exactly what those are and if the dogs may feel anything when u push the firmness buttons
    and what are they will for
    and why should i actually use it
    and exactly how does it effect the dog
    and stuff
    k thx. < 33


    The collar I actually use has different settings for the intensiy of the shock. Push the lowest environment and watch the reaction of your canine. You need to see his ears increase. If you don' t, then go in order to the next higher level. The " shock" should do no more than get their attention.

    The great tone and bad tone are meaningless except if they are used in training. You should have got to teach your dog that the " good" tone means they are doing some thing right and the bad tone, of training course, is when they are doing something incorrect. For example, let' s say you are usually bird hunting and you' ve dropped several birds as well as your dog is usually going to get them. When your canine heads within the wrong direction, you may hit the " bad" tone and the particular good tone for when they are going in the right direction. You could also use a whistle instead of the shades.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the shock collar if you are using it correctly. Always use the lowest environment. And I always test the collar upon my hand before putting it on our dog as the levels can transform along with some types of collars.

    And for those of you whom think you know everything, the " shock" on these collars is usually an optimum of a tickle. Whenever I grab our dog' s shock collar, he gets extremely excited because he knows we' re heading hiking. In comparison, whenever he sees myself grab a " gentle lead", he operates and hides.

    Therefore unless you have experience of a surprise collar, shaddup!!!


    the tones are probably sounds that will you can associate with actions. by way of example when your dog comes on command you can press good tone as a reward. in the event that he drinks from your toilet, bad tone would certainly be used. I' m not sure in case he would feel anything.

    shock collars are great training equipment, and are very effective. some argue that will they are inhumane in case set to the particular appropriate intensity they are in no method painful towards the dog. they really acceleration up the learning process for dogs. these people are convenient because of the remote-control ability. for instance, your dog is running straight down the street as a car speeds about the corner, you press the button plus his shock collar stops him, saving their life.

    the one 2 3 4 are probably the various levels of intensity, and they ought to be fixed according to the dogs size and bodyweight.

    Sukovich VIKI

    I just needed to express that shock collars work differently upon different dogs. My parents have used surprise collars on both of the dogs in order to get them to stop barking and each of them respond at opposite ends associated with the spectrum. Their Chow/Rott mix doesn' capital t even respond at all, just looks with you with his head ******. Their Lab/Pit mix freaks out, cries, and goes straight into her house and pouts the rest associated with the day. They also tried one associated with those buried electric fences using the collars upon a previous Rott and that had simply no effect on her either.

    I' m not really sure exactly how to use a shock collar because I actually have a good boy! All it requires is perfect for me to look side by side at him if he' s doing some thing wrong and he stops. Gotta love cows dogs.

    The shades are for warnings and I can basically guess that the numbers are for power of shock. I would definately try every other options before you decide to make use of a shock collar though. Water spray (from a bottle, not a pressure washer! ) hard I' ve heard works well or even loud noises.

    Or even get a cattle dog!: )


    To all those people who say that will shock collars are bad, I have in order to disagree. The collar does not really harm the dog, it more or less impresses them with a small " jolt" (I have put on the collar myself just before I used it on my dog, plus it is quite a surprise when this goes off, but it did not harm me in different way). If anyone has actually been shocked by an electrical outlet, that' s about what it feels like. The GSD/Husky mix is a very bullheaded canine and continually ran out of the lawn. I invested in an invisible fence plus trained him with it. He has obtained a " jolt" a time or 2 but soon learned the boundaries of the particular yard. No side effects from it possibly. He loves to play in the lawn with my older dog, and is really happy to visit out and cruise the lawn on his own.


    Try this on yourself. Personally, I still find it a little bit unfair to put something on your canine that you' re not willing to try out yourself. I' ve tried a friend' t non-barking collar and it wasn' t awfully painful. Anyway, you should know of exactly what you' re subjecting your dog to.

    Shock collars could end up being excellent training tools but it can become very easy for a new trainer in order to really mess up their dog if they will utilize it wrong. I' d highly suggest you not use it in your dog with out the advice of a professional.

    Good luck!

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