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  • I live out in the country along with my family, my livestock and my 2 dogs. My dogs are already trained to start barking whenever someone pulls up to the home (safety reasons) they have also been qualified to chase off animals that aren' big t mine (to protect the livestock). My loved ones wants to leave the country side plus move to a city. How can I actually get my dogs who are used in order to barking at people and chasing things in order to move to a place where they aren' t allowed to bark and they possess to play nice to peoples animals? Can be there a way I can get the particular dogs used to the city without the shock collar? I will not use the shock collar, but my parents think that will the shock collar is the only method to get the dogs to stop woofing.


    I understand that many people agree with Teresa that will shock collars can be effective and great when used correctly, but I respectfully differ in this case. My reason is, in case your dog barks at strangers in your residence, that is at least in part mainly because s/he have not yet been socialized in order to be comfortable with strangers or give upward his/her natural tendency toward being territorial regarding property and family. Since it has already been your dog' s job to protect your own livestock and property, you have probably encouraged/rewarded your dog' s natural wariness of other people, which was completely appropriate inside your previous nation setting, but now you need to interact socially him/her to the new expectations. If a person put a shock collar on your canine which zaps him/her when s/he sees the stranger (and barks), what does that train your dog? That strangers ARE scary, plus bring discomfort… so, naturally s/he' d want to keep those scary strangers away also more! Instead, you want to teach your own dog that a couple of " notify barks" are enough when someone comes upon the house. You can do that using optimistic reinforcement to teach the required behavior, plus setting limits with your dog within a company, consistent way.

    Our guess is, if your dog has already been " working" to protect your livestock plus property, s/he is definitely an intelligent canine that would do GREAT with clicker education. You might look into some classes; the dog LOVED clicker training and it had been a great way for all of all of us to bond and have fun! And I actually agree with the prior poster, Zac George' s videos are really great, too.


    You don' t require a shock collar. You just need training. If you visit Youtube plus do a search for Kikopup and one more for Zac George, you will find amazing videos demonstrating fun ways to teach something you want. The key is kindness plus lots of practice and making it enjoyable for you personally and your dog. Have your mothers and fathers watch the videos.

    Barking – Teaching your dog to cease humanely (Zak George)…

    Just how to teach anyh dog never to bark from other dogs and people on a stroll (Zak George)…

    Barking- Event 1 – How to train your canine not to bark (Kikopup)…

    Barking- Episode 2 – Barking at frightening objects (Kikopup)

    Barking- Episode 3 – Woofing on a walk (Kikopup)

    Barking Episode four – Barking at Strangers (people wearing frightening items) (Kikopup)

    There are more videos upon aggression, but that' s enough to publish here.


    I would advise a choke training collar instead, it doesn& #x27; t possess the particular shock but it creates an even stress that is uncomfortable to a dog, plus they will stop running if they get chase while on a leash. It doesn& #x27; t hurt them, take one plus put it around your arm and draw hard, you will notice it won& #x27; t hurt.

    Because for the barking there is an item around and it produces a loud hissing noise, when there is barking just possess it produce the noise and it disturbs the train of thought cause it simply random and loud. So it prevents woofing!


    Start working on the " quiet" command now. Reward them when these people are quiet. Your concerns are valid. We live in the nation and have the puppy that is surprisingly quite the watchdog. I was visiting friends that live within suburbia with my puppy yesterday and the lady was definitely reacting to noises the neighbours were making when we were outside. I actually corrected her and he or she obtained better as the day went on. I' m sure your dogs can learn in order to bark only when appropriate if you function with them. They are very adaptable.

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