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  • I possess a trainer who may be suggesting I use surprise collars for my very poorly behaved Italian language Greyhounds, to help them become potty skilled and to get my puppy to turn out to be less aggressive towards my older dog. Our dogs are pretty crazy/wild acting. Do surprise collars hurt dogs? I know I obtained shocked by one a while back from a friend' s house and it experienced horrible to me. Maybe that one has been too high voltage, though, I don' to know. What do you think? I' meters really looking for opinions. Thanks!


    I believe shock collars are a method used simply by people you want a magic pill or don' capital t have the skill to train their canines in manner that isn' t traumatizing. Surprise collars aren' t as bad as getting a people might think but they perform ' train by trauma'. You can teach dogs to do what you need by rewarding great behavior and punishing [ignoring] the particular bad behavior. It just takes time meant for someone to train a pet. our household pets for many people are like our kids and I significantly doubt if you attached any level associated with a voltage to child it could be consider kid abuse. But just like kids, you are usually able to train dogs with love plus rewards. A surprise collar in my viewpoint is no different then a paddle for the kid. Some people take it to severe. The shock collar isn' t an ineffective method but I think it should just be used in cases were the canines are prone to biting or causing damage. Some dogs are naturally very strong plus that can create possibility of injury to other people and so it might be best in order to have that extra protection to keep the particular dog from accidentally hurting someone. But within general if you have the time plus space to do some one on a single training, the collar isn' t needed. I actually have a boxer puppy that is year old, he was nuetered shortly after he or she was created. He is an extremly quit plus calm dog but when others used arrive over he had tendencey to obtain really excited and actually knocked people over because of to his strength even though he has been only 2 ft high and > 35ibs. I wouldn' t put a shock scruff of the neck on him in case I had kids or even if I lived in a more filled area I might concider it just in order to keep him from jumping on people that will dont know him because he has triggered minor injurys to friends but I proved helpful with him and took the time in order to coach him and now he is simply fine when people come over he move up to them sits down and wags his littel tail so fast you cannot find it. He knows if he does that will then your person will pay attention in order to him but if he doesnt then this individual gets ignored and rejected and could actually get put in his cage.


    I think they work extremely good. I have a Dachshund and the girl is very aggressive towards other people. The lady will go chasing after you and begin biting and barking at you until a person finally run up and grab her. Therefore I tried out a shock collar, plus got pretty good results.

    When it' s on she understands it will shock her, so she will go up to people and licks them, wags her tail, wants to be petted, plus to cuddle and all that. I' meters not saying it' s the same whenever the shock collar is off but…

    And I do really feel pretty bad putting it on her, due to the fact I tried it on to and yes it harm like hell! But I would rather have got my dog get shocked then have our town claim her as to aggressive plus have her offer sleep.

    Hope in order to!


    Fire your Trainer. Take your dogs in order to obedience classes.
    Seriously you don' t need a Shock Collar to housetrain your puppy. Make sure you get this to go out every half an hr after a few times it will obtain the message to visit out. Repetition is the particular key. Also be calm and assertive.
    For the aggression part are they will being aggressive or is the younger actively playing rough using the older one? Dogs tend in order to play rough.
    Here are 3 or more rules for you to follow together with your canines, Exercise, Discipline, Affection. When working with your own dog remember its a dog and not really your child. Always remain calm.
    Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

    Canada MAMMIE

    There are usually some times when using an e scruff of the neck might become necessary, such as when the particular problem is incessant barking as well because the only other option is to obtain rid of the dog.

    However, I would never work with a surprise collar for house training…. or for hostility in an IG puppy. I think We would run from this trainer as rapidly as possible. Find a trainer who utilizes positive reinforcement as his/her training methods plus understand that consistency and hard work is certainly what makes house breaking work… not consequence.


    I had a hard period with potty training too. I finally purchased a doggie door that fits in our sliding glass door. It does not consider best investment I have ever made. The particular dogs go ahead and out of it. Our little deaf dog barks alot because the lady can' t hear herself. I didn' to want to use a shock collar therefore I use a squirt gun. It functions really well. Whenever she barks I may just show her the squirt gun plus she stops. I don' t like surprise collars and I wouldn' t use 1.

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    Specifically, proponents state that: Modern shock collars do not result in pain….
    Terrible, I know, however the canines sure do enjoy the benefits of being …

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    im not sure associated with the exact voltage but itt isn’t higher enough to really hurt them just
    supply them with a bit of a frighten. None the less the dog might not really react …

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    This wasn’t funny at all when it happened…i could feel it for 1+ hour after it happened. Leave a like for me as a kid haha.

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    higher enough a detectable current will run via your leg.

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