shock collars for dogs good or bad shock collars for dogs good or bad:

  • We have a 12 month old German Shepherd Dog. The last few nights he offers been barking. He usually only barks intended for a good reason – if he is certainly disturbed by a noise. The other evening another dog continuously barked all night plus my dog barked in reaction to this particular until I went down at 0330am plus corrected him. I heard my neighbour heading to work at 0530am and i' g say he was pissed off big period. At least I got up and fixed my dog tho. I felt so poor re: my neighbours today that I purchased a shock collor. My prob is the particular reason I got a German Shepherd has been 1) as a companion but 2) since a protector. I feel the shock collor is defeating his protective purpose. His woofing doesnt usually bother me – tho this individual did keep me up last night. We think his barking is more noticeable cos my windows are open due to the sunshine. Anyway the shock collor is just me personally bowing down to my neighbours. Am I actually doing the right thing?


    My suppose is this…. (and it' s a speculate! )

    The neighbors appreciates the protection your dog provides similarly well as you do, however he' deb appreciate the dog knowing the difference in between him and an actual intruder.

    Know what I mean?

    Approach your neighbor using this angle in mind and propose allowing in order to allow the dog get to know him much better (visit, hang out, gather his scent, etc).

    A shock dog collar allows you to make a correction from a physical distance that no other modification allows you (unless your dog really reacts to verbal correction). Example: Elvis…. my 140 lb. Coonhound KNEW that there was simply no way for me to get him in order to lie down while driving in the vehicle (he was way back at the back again of a Ford Explorer). I could not really enforce the " lie down" command….. until I got a surprise collar. I don' t care what people think…. now, whenever I ask him to lie down (we don' t use the shock collar anymore), he does! To me, it' s the safety issue…. I must be able in order to SEE out the rear window of our car!

    Basically were a person and I were to choose to make use of a shock collar, I would first (upon the barking), investigate WHY the dog is certainly barking. That' s what you got your pet for. If you see nothing, I might tell the dog to " be quiet', or whatever your que word is. IN THE EVENT THAT the dog doesn' t obey, then the quick enforcement after your command is most likely fair. It may be your neighbor…. this might not. You have to assume whether or not the risk is more precious than your own sleep.


    While I am aware your require for an alarm dog that will start barking when someone comes or during an unusual noise outside, you need to also end up being concerned about others and their need to get peace and quiet.
    Why not really close the windows and keep the canine in a crate, that would minimize the particular barking episodes.
    I have absolutely nothing against E collars, I use them me personally, both barking and remote correction ones.
    Good luck and do not allow the barking get too beyond control, the particular dog will pay for it in the particular end!

    EULAH Nichois

    shock collars will in no way be a good idea. they hurt the particular dog. dogs remember who put the training collar on them and ur relationship w/ your dog will suffer because of it. the particular best way to stop ur dog through barking is to interupt him before this starts. get something ur dog loves! i actually mean really loves. something that he will not get distracted if he has. for the dog its a smoked ham bone i actually buy on the pet store (an actual pig bone not rawhide which is bad just for dogs). get him into obedience classes as soon as possible. it will help w/ barking. then through there u can put him in safety classes so he will learn when this is and isnt ok to bark. wow and the dog which was barking all of night. call the police! its against sound ordinances for people to let their canines bark excessively especially at night. if oughout really are set on getting a dog collar use a citranella collar. it sparys citranella near the dogs nose this works simply like the distraction toy. they dont such as the smell so they stop barking. the particular problem w/ that collar as with surprise collars is it can be set away from by things other than ur dog woofing. u may also try noise distraction. they will have alarms that will sound when your dog barks. distraction and training are the particular way to go.


    I as well a new neighbor problem. My dog might be in the backyard because when i' m not home he’d destroy the home…. anyway he had separation anxiety and would certainly bark and bark when i wasn' big t there… of course the neighbors complained…. we thought in regards to the shock collar but never do it because i simply dont' like the particular idea of it. I' d say in the event that you pay your pet deposit then a person and your dog has every right in order to be there. Don' t give in order to your neighbors. Apologize for the noise when you' d like but don' t take a step you don' t want to do. We no longer reside in the place exactly where my neighbors complain. That was an appartment building. Now i live in a townhouse design fourplex and am have my labdalmation blend here and my german shepherd mix pup…. they do bark when i' m not really home but my neighbors haven' t lamented yet. probably because this is an incredibly dog-pet friendly neighborhood and it doesn' big t bother them… anyway don' t do this if you don' t want to.


    is there anyway possible that your own dog can stay inside with you? individually, i don' t like shock collars plus here' s why: about 6 years back i had a wolf that loved in order to communicate with the dogs in the community, the neighbors didn' t care, my ex-mate did. so his dumdazz sought out plus bought a shock collar. i told your pet not to put it on my hair, he did anyway(the jerk). anyway, my hair stopped all talking, and began whimpering. i actually went out and took it off associated with him. it was the raining season therefore the ground stayed wet. i had simply no idea that this wet ground was making your pet get a constant shock. my ex informed me to put it back on, i actually told him to f off and established the damn thing around his neck plus stand in the shower. so no don' t bow down to your neighbors.

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