shock collars for dogs at petco shock collars for dogs at petco:

  • My girlfreind bought a shock scruff of the neck for my doberman to stop her through doin things she doesnt like. Examples are usually jumping at the couch, furniture, bed and various other things. This is my stuff and this doesnt bother me at all. I resented the idea from the start to obtain that collar. Then when she got it I actually was offshore and when I got house I put it on myself to notice how bad it hurts. I pushed in order to remote and it hurt like hell! This even left two burn marks on the neck! This cant you should be a slight irritation for my dog as the people on petco told us.. She uses that factor on my baby everytime I go just offshore… Do you think I should destoy that will thing? Or do yall think we need to use it?


    Shock collars should not be used with regard to general obedience training, which is laziness. Surprise collars are for more serious issues such as aggression and for other compulsive issues that will a puppy may have, like excessive woofing, chewing, etc. She (or you) needs in order to properly obedience train the dog. Excellent surprise collar for my pit bull, however this is only for when we go directly into the back yard to keep him through chasing cats. If he gets ahold associated with one of those strays that hangs out there within my yard, it is a good because dead. When I see him get prepared to go after a cat I surprise him and he says " forget this, that cat' s not worth it". All of us don' t use it anymore because this only took about 2 weeks of this and saying " no" when i force the button, now " no" is I actually have to say as soon as he or she looks at a cat and he will certainly ignore the cats now.
    Plus no its not a slight discomfort, our bf tried it and he acted such as it really hurt. It is a small elect. current. The trainer says it seems like putting your tounge on a battery power, but he won' t test it upon himself.

    Sometimes the collar is needed when a dog will get in that " zone" like prey generate or his excessive barking or chewing their skin… basically anything harmful and destructive. Or else you all need to take the period (and maybe money) to properly train your own dog. Especially dogs like dobermans who require a strong pack leader. I invested the particular money to have my dog trained plus it was well worth it.


    The issue is not along with the dog it is with your sweetheart. She doesn' t know how to correctly dicipline or fulfill the dog. Dogs have got different needs than people and chances are usually she is not exercising the dog or even socializing it so the dog takes out there it' s frustration in other ways. When your girlfriend would spend some time along with the dog then the dog will many likely behave. I' d say ditch the particular collar and ditch the girlfriend. If the girl doesn' t desire to be a part of your own dogs life then she doesn' t completely want to be a part of your own. Also, I' ve tried a friends surprise collar on myself and it does harm like hell and he or she experienced it set on level 2. Worse compared to a light socket.


    I personally feel that shock collars are usually abusive. Many people aspire to them for several things, like barking. Personally, people have already been coping with dogs for millions of many years before shock collars came into existance. This is a lazy person' s response in order to training their dog. The dog is your own responsibility. You should teach her manners. The canine is probably driving the girlfriend nuts along with jumping and such. But a far more humane solution would be placing the dog in the crate so it can' t jump upon the furniture. This might sound like your own dog also could use some excercise plus needs some activity other than jumping plus using the house. I would instruct the girl on jogging using the dog, or taking this to a Doggy Daycare during your lack. She would get some activity while a person were gone. Maybe become a bit tuckered out for overnight time.

    I would place the collar upon your girlfriend' s ankle or arm… or even depending on how much you like the girl, neck and shock her with it. In case she is finding some kind of sick and tired pleasure over torturing your dog… I would certainly dump her.

    Market the collar on ebay, and get this out of the house. Tell your sweetheart what is acceptable or not in reprimanding your pet.
    If she denies. Take the dog to some boarding run while gone, and then look for one more girlfriend.


    Maybe she will surprise it one too many times and this will go psycho on her behalf plus become another front page story for promoters of breed specific legislation. Now that might be a crying shame, more fuel just for the fire of those that are searching to legislate what kinds of dogs individuals can and can' t own.
    Actually, I don' t like shock training collars at all. A lot of people use them for canines that are excessive barkers and nothing otherwise seems to stop it. Even then, I actually wouldn' t want to use that.
    It' s not even the regular use for a shock collar to move the dog for a bunch of such things as jumping on the furniture. She sounds such as the crazy doctor in the film " Island of Doctor Moreau" (Marlon Brando version).
    Individuals at PetCo just desired to sell an expensive product, it noises like. (Shock collars are somewhat expensive). Probably instead of shocking the dog, she can return the collar for store credit plus buy it some training treats and after that go to some classes with the canine to learn how to train it.
    I wouldn' t destroy it. Carry it back to PetCo and tell them this hurt your pup and you want store credit score!

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    I don’t recommend using any of these tools. They may provide short-term solutions to a situation, but they do more harm than good and do not solve the underlying issues with your dog. In fact, they can increase unwanted behaviors such as aggression or leash reactivity and may make your dog more fearful. They are very dangerous. They can cause a lot of damage to your dog’s throat. There are other tools that you can use that are much safer.

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