shock collars for small dogs humane shock collars for small dogs humane:

  • not mainly because they bark, but simply because they start barking excessively at the neighbors dog at night time. this issue has been going on regarding 2 years… the neighbors won' t budge, training helped a little but didn' to stop it. I figure if I purchase 2 collars for my 3 dog We could put it on 2 of all of them and the 3rd one will " stick to their example" then trade the following evening… they would only wear it at night time.


    OMG! That' s a single of the most awful things I' ve heard. How could you possibly want in order to shock a chihuahua?? Sounds dangerous to me personally. Like chihuahuas aren' t vulnerable to nervousness since it is, you want to shock your own and worsen it?

    I don' t recommend it. Training? Certain! Crate training? Maybe. Appropriate discipline? Loving your own chihuahua as he is, and dealing along with his behavioral issues calmly and rationally? The majority of definitely! But shocking a chihuahua? That hits me as borderline inhumane.

    Please rethink this.

    Edit: I understand, their marcopolo online game with the neighbor' s pooch has possibly gotten alittle old, and I can somewhat relate, when i live in an appartment building, and at the minute I can listen to my neighbor' s pitbull crying so fully through the wall, that I thought this was my dachsund making that awful racquet and had to go investigate to observe what was wrong with her. To these of you worried about the pit, don' t be, he' s ok, he simply gets alittle lonely for his daddy whenever his daddy is gone! Cracks me upward! I do feel sorry for that poor beloved, but here' s this big massive macho looking dog, and he cries just such as a baby at night if his dad goes out! Is really the first hole I' ve ever felt myself respond in order to on an emotional lever as he actually can use a hug right now.

    Anyways, try the citronella squirt collars, at least those won' t instill pain on your poor babies. My chihuahua, likes to bark at strangers such since the plumber, or the meter reader, the particular mailtruck, you name it. Time out assists shut him up. I scold him, plus shove him outside to consider it, plus as his favorite place to be is usually my lap, it works nicely, sometimes. This individual can be considered a bit stubborn. I' m speculating this is a bored outside dog following door that is barking at night?

    Another option, my buddy has neighbor' s with a dog that will barked during the night and irritated all of them, they got one of those loud car horn can thingies, (sorry for the sorry terms I think it' s called an airhorn) anyways, when their neighbors dog would begin barking, they' d beep that out the particular back door, and it is so noisy and obnoxious, it would startle the canine to silence. He doesn' t bark therefore much anymore she tells me. Perhaps a person could find among those and try this?

    Edit: Dawgity Dawg: I saw that episode when it has been aired and cried for what he do to that poor misunderstood chihuahua! That chihuahua was sadly misunderstood, and had the woman understood him, she could have easily produced friends with him. Literally broke my coronary heart watching that #$ & *@ break that bad little darlings spirit! Was totally unneccessary. Presently there are better ways to deal with chis than that nonsense, and I' d by no means let that man near mine. Of program, mine aren' t like that, but the particular one we had while i was in high college was! She was very possessive of the mother, and would bite anyone who wasn' t family that touched Mom, or attempted to touch her. Those that were intelligent, ignored her and stayed out of the girl way, the ones that weren' t therefore smart got pinched. I' ll admit, the lady wasn' t pleasant, but those that didn' t act so obsessed with winning the girl over did so faster than those that will acted afraid of her and desperate in order to get their hands on her.


    Yes, but they' re unnecessary if a person bother to understand why your Chihuahua is definitely barking, first. Most dogs bark because they' ve been ill-trained or ill-socialised. If your own dog barks at other dogs or individuals when out, you need to work upon his social skills – if he gets to be over-excited, remove him from the situation plus only return him when he becomes relaxed. Repeat until he can be calm whenever approaching and greeting, and use positive encouragement to praise good behaviour.

    A shock collar is a final resort technique. If you' ve never attempted tackling the barking through basic training, a person don' t need one.


    Perhaps…. You would have to look around. Have got you considered citronella collars?…

    But I would try behavior classes before you go for the traning collars.

    EDIT: I actually wouldn' t go for the " endure stuff". You could also try spraying all of them with water in a spray bottle every time they bark, and then praise all of them when they stop.

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