shock collars for small dogs petco shock collars for small dogs petco:

  • (apologies when I got the terminology wrong)

    Have you ever used all of them?

    Do you nevertheless use them?

    Below what circumstances would you use them?

    Are they particularly helpful for training for some jobs more compared to others?

    Could a person also post links (if you have them) to any useful info about them make sure you?


    Contrary to popular belief…. They are not really cruel. I possess two dobermans, One my women, is the sweetest most loving dog actually. The other, my male, would have already been put to sleep (he' s not actually a year old yet mind you) experienced I not gotten him. He was terribly bred and to say the least can be a monster. He SCREAMS when he will be put in his room when I keep. I' m usually only gone for a good hour or two at a time plus the rest of the day they obtain full run of the house including our bed where they sleep. But I have got to put them away when I keep because if i dont its couch wiping out time. My neighbors complained because it seemed like he was being killed and the roommate was going to move out therefore I did the drastic thing and purchased a bark collar. It stopped completely. I actually also bought a regular remote E-collar through Basspro(DOGTRA brand). It' s a two canine collar that has various levels of stimulating as well as a vibrating " pager". I use these in obedience and speed as well as around the house plus at the dog park. Best investment I' ve EVER made. The stimulus doesnt feel as if an electrical shock that you would obtain from an electric fence or even adhering your finger in an outlet. It doesnt actually HURT unless its on the TOP setting (which i wouldnt recommend except inside an extreme situation like a fight). I' ve tried it on myself and this is the same sensation you obtain from Electric stimulation machines they use for physical treatment (I' ve used them myself) and the trainer actually uses the collars on the girl behalf back when she gets a knots in her muscles (pretty ghetto lol). We think that for the majority of dogs they would end up being a little extreme but it depends on what breed and on the dog. Intended for my girl I only use the vibrate/pager setting because it' s all the tip she needs, she' s NEVER been " shocked", my boy who is one of the most persistent dog that my trainer and everyone with the rescue has ever met. So this individual does get the stim. at varying ranges for varying situations. They are the greatest investment I' ve made since obedience along with my dogs. It kept Diesel out associated with a huge fight at the dogpark (every other dog, literally, except my two had been in it my girls a wuss plus my boy was being corrected with the particular collar) and he would have gotten harm very bad since he' s on the particular small side for a doberman. I wouldnt reccommend them for everyone or every canine but I definately dont think they are usually cruel. I' ve felt them on the particular highest setting and it' s not unpleasant, just weirdly uncomfortable. If a dog shouts, it' s not because it' s unpleasant it' s much more likely that it' s because it scared the begesus away of them and they have no concept what that feeling was. I also believe that you shouldnt just begin using a single, I highly reccommend going to an expert and having them work it out along with you on when and how to make use of it. They are wonderful tools, and We have experienced far to many aggressive, superior dogs because people forget that dogs SUCH AS CHILDREN have to be disciplined. And whomever doesnt agree with a spanking is actually a moron! Also too many rotten children out there because their parents didnt would like to " abuse" the youngster…. *vomiting within my mouth* I let both of our dogs get away with far too a lot while i first got them and it got a lot of destroyed furniture to recognize they DO need to be crated plus lots of almost bites to realize that will I need to be in charge simply by whatever means possible and politically correct doesnt factor into my thinking. Like i mentioned, it' s not for every dog or even every owner, but our babies are not really as fragile even as we like to think plus sometimes it takes a little zap in order to send the learning curve through the roofing.

    MODIFY: I' ve tried the politcally correct strategies taught by petsmart and petco and the number of other trainers since I obtained my girl. None of those work along with a strong willed dog who will perform what it wants when the treat isn' t motivation enough. When you have a subordinant canine that will listen to your every order GOOD FOR YOU! but not all canines are this way and most ARENT. We dont believe in beating a puppy or even starving a dog or any other severe methods but there has to be the middle ground. I think that at initial using treats is great to motivate your own dog until it understands a command, yet after they understand (dobies are smart they obtain it pretty dang quick) and CHOOSE not really to listen, they have to be fixed just like anyone else. And to make use of the example someone else used, clicking plus treating wont work when fido is nibbling on your leg…. And our rescue offers seen more and more dogs returned that will had " obedience" training with clickers that will have bitten or been agressive to their particular owners who they obviously didnt respect.


    The e-collars are not really cruel if used correctly. The amount associated with correction on these collars can be modified to suit the amount of correction the particular dog needs and the correction is not really painful, it is more like an irritation.

    Any training device can be bad if abused.

    I have used them pertaining to distance training and for corrective measures, this kind of as barking and for proofing things such as a quick recall, perfect heeling, etc. I actually believe ecollars are good for any type of training.
    I think the particular ecollar is an excellent training tool pertaining to teaching the dog and the dog discovers very quickly that its behavior caused the particular shock.
    I also think this is better if the dog thinks the particular behaviour caused the correction because you require trust in your way on the route to the dog to have a great working relationship and every correction from a person damages that trust a bit. Once rely on is lost you will never fully obtain it back. With ecollars the dog will get to decide not to engage in actions that cause the correction. It learns that will particular behaviors cause the correction and the particular dog is going to do its greatest to avoid the correction and the believe in your way on the path in order to the dog will not be damaged.;…

    My second link is certainly a question Greekman asked and it provides a great article, the first link is certainly also a website he also had me personally read. Greekman could be the expert so hopefully this individual sees your question and answers it.


    My lab may not stop barking, simply no matter what. Nothing wrong, she just rests and barks her head off. For absolutely nothing a lot more than to hear herself bark. Tried scruff of the neck that emits a high pitch sound. Simply no results what-so-ever. We are talking NONE END barking.
    I acquired a surprise collar as the last thing to consider. It was and it is very efficient for my purpose. I fastened it close to her neck. She eventually started her start barking routine. Barked a few times, the training collar zapped. She barked, the collar zapped. The girl stopped barking!!! Few hours later, the exact same thing happened. Now she no longer barks in the house. She doesn' t put on it when outside. (barking is alright outside) Now, she just has to see the particular collar as well as the bad conduct ends.

    I had been at my wits end as to exactly what to do. Have not had this issue with any other dog. I got the girl from the pound and she already got this problem. Was tied all the period and I imagine that is how the lady kept herself company. However, now she provides a loving family and is never remaining outside alone. Never.

    Her indoor barking became unbearable!! All had been miserable. Now, she and the rest associated with the family can live in peace. Indeed, it does hurt her. But she provides found that she controls what happens plus when. She has never associated this collar/zapping with us. These collars are not inexpensive. The batteries have to be special purchased also. Aren’t available in stores. I imagine this could be abused, but most pet abusers are dumber than the dog plus I doubt the would go to all of the trouble to even get one associated with these collars.

    They actually come with rubber tips that can become put on the electrodes so they perform not shock.


    My father bread of dogs beagles and lives in the city therefore barking has got the neighbors riled. (He usually only kennels three or four outside) He got a shock collar that might zap them when they would bark. This was very effective. He uses it lengthy enough to train them to not start barking and then takes it off when they will are trained. They do not nuisance start barking but will bark if someone approaches their particular yard.

    On the particular flip side though I feel that in case used wrong they can cause aggression. Generally there was a dog yesterday in the pet recreation area, where I take my Sophie to perform, that was very aggressive. I never noticed a lab raise it' s fur just before or try to mount everything in view like that one did. I overheard the particular owner say " I ought to have got brought the shock collar, he would therefore be getting zapped right now! " We were so angry. No wonder the canine was so crazy! I thought to personally, " get your lazy butt up through the bench and pull him off the dog! " She should have pulled your pet off and taken him home if this individual could not behave. Instead I was the particular one that had to leave because he or she may not leave her alone and the lady was lazy and irresponsible. I do not really feel that it is the best method to coach your pet in every circumstance. I think it is a good concept for nuisance barking and training them in order to stay in the yard. But once they will are trained take it off of these types of! It served it' s purpose. (You may adjust the strength so it does not really hurt. My dad tests it on their hand before he describes on the canine. )


    I have a concealed fence. I had a large 130lb dark lab (he passed a couple of yrs ago) and a 75 lb yellow laboratory. Our neighborhood does not allow chain hyperlink fences and we could not afford in order to put up a wooden fence (we possess an acre of land). It took regarding 1 week to train the dogs not really to cross the fence. I don' capital t have to use the collars anymore, the particular dog knows her yard now (it' ersus been 9 years). If she wanders away of the yard, I just show the girl the collar and she' s in the particular boundaries. I think it is an excellent invention! If you have an aggressive canine, however, you will want to post indications " Danger, Dog". If you are speaking about the " barking collars", they are usually a hand held device that you press a button to send a shock in order to the animal to quiet them down, obtain them off furniture, away from a room or even to keep them in the yard. Our neighbor has that kind of collar to get their 6 lb dog. They are not really powerful enough for large breed dogs. Yet they are very effective on little canines. Speak to your vet or local family pet store for companies in your area.

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