Do anti nuisance barking collars work on Maltese?


Firstly I just want to issue a disclaimer. I love my dog, and she isn't a crazy barker. Only barks for reasons. I know about the shocks etc , and I know that it is much better to do the regular training to prevent nuisance barking and what not. I have done my research on all this. My question is only based on curiosity.

So; do any of you here with dogs, in particular Maltese or similar such as Bichons etc use these anti bark collars, be it the shock or spray one? And do they work for Maltese? I have read positive reviews on pretty much every site I looked but I want to hear your opinions. Any information is appreciated.

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    We have a Maltese and yeah the shock collar works but set it on low so it doesn't hurt him/her

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