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  • I have a rescue canine and we have had him for two years now and also want to provide him a job. He is a save so he has some issues because this individual was beaten etc and I was expecting that some kind of training besides their basic command (which he was awesome with learning) would help with some of the particular issues that they have. Anyways he is in between five and seven years of age plus is a German Shepard crossed with the husky/lab/setter (a real community breakfast).

    Does anyone have some ideas or tricks on training hunting dogs plus water fowl dogs? Also any reviews upon books or training equipment would be significantly appreciated! It is obviously my first period training a dog for this kind associated with work, but hey I' m willing in order to try anything once in my life.


    With the exemption of the lab and setter there is really not much hunting dog in your canine. Not saying the dog cannot be skilled but it may take longer and might not be as good as a retriever.

    Does your canine retrieve to hand? Does your dog go swimming? Is your dog noise sensitive? Does a person dog have any kind of controllable victim drive? In case your dog is not really retrieving at this age you will possess to more than likely force fetch or otherwise teach the dog any thing which is tossed for it. If the dog will not really swim, training it for water work is usually going to be a problem. In situation your dog has no prey drive discover another dog to train. Finally the sound sensitivity. If the dog is nervous or even runs from sharp noise like thunder, back again fires, or shot guns, this dog may not make a gun dog regardless associated with how much training is done.

    So the first thing that will I would do is look for weapon shyness. Take your dog, a friend, plus a child' s cap gun out in order to and empty field. The dog needs in order to be on at least a twenty feet long line with you holding the finish. Allow your puppy to start hunting. Have your own friend stand around twenty yards of a person. Have your friend fire the cap gun behind his back while facing the canine. If the dog ignores the shot excellent. If the dog startles and starts searching again then there' s hope. When the particular dog runs for the hills or arrives back for you fearfully then find one more dog to train. In case your canine ignores the shot have your friend arrive in a little closer and fire the particular cap gun in front of him. In case your dog ignores the shot have your own friend come within ten yards of a person and fire again. If the dog displays no reaction then you can try instruction it as a gun dog.

    There are many good textbooks and youtube videos offered to learn from. A person also need to decide if your canine is going to point birds (setter) or even flush (lab) them.


  • Willow Creek Kennels – YouTube

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  • bird dog training videos youtubeVideo Bird Dog Training Videos Youtube

    This is not a “how to train your dog” video. I made this video to show the passion and joy my dog has, when we train or play.
    He just loves to search and play.
    Hope you enjoy the video.

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