Can I get into boston university?

Can I get into BU
Also applied to the ROTC scholarship, if you have any knowledge of it I'd like to know my chances there as well.

I'm currently a senior, here's my profile:
-3.81 weighted gpa, 3.5 unweighted
-have taken 6 ap classes and ~3 honors classes
-im in JROTC (junior reserve officer training corps) and am battalion commander (the highest title possible at my unit)
-I've overcome a lot of hardship; alcoholic mother, two divorces, separated from sister, lived in hotel for a time, lived in foster care for a time, poor, basically have lived alone since i was 15 (I'm 17 now)
-got a 1950 on my sat: 670 verbal, 640 math, 640 writing
-I live in california
-first generation student
-white female
-doing mock trial this year, did key club (community service) only freshman year but don't know if I should include it, thinking about doing book club this year
-have been told I write very well so I think I can manage a good personal essay
-went to leadership academy for jrotc the summer before last
-am in a in school academy called MAOS Monterey Academy of Oceanographic Sciences
-interested in majoring in physics, languages, business, or some sort of healthcare/medical area (yes I'm all over the place)

-no sports, no job, too little community service to include
-received 2 D's junior year in 2nd semester AP language and composition and 2nd semester AP US history. I am taking credit recovery to fix these but I'm taking the non-AP option because I want to get them done before I apply. I'm really worried about how this will effect admission. I've gotten very good grades outside of these. Junior year was a tough time because my grandpa died, my neighbor died, and my grandpa's dog, whom I loved, died.

If I can't get into BU what is in my ballpark and how can I increase my chances of admission at BU, thanks

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    No worries. You're unweighted GPA and SAT scores are good enough to be placed in the likely acceptance category. It's ok if you don't have any sports or job in your application, because you have really good extra curricular activities that will balance it out. Also since you're from California, you do get some slack as colleges are more lenient on accepting an application that is not from the area. Plus, if you haven't written your college essay yet, it could be about you overcoming the deaths that you encountered during your junior year. It explains the poor grades but also shows someone with character.

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