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  • I have a puppy dog (10 months old) that need some main training. We really work together with him but this individual is just very stubborn. We have already been living in an apartment with a huge field and want to take him out there to throw the frisbee. He is generally good but as soon as someone strolls outside he is throughout them. He weighs in at about 60 pounds even though he is certainly not viscious I am afraid that this individual will hurt someone. I cant keep your pet inside all of the time and feel considering a shock collar with remote. May anyone recommend a good brand and tips for using it. I dont want to harm him but I am at a complete loss. No matter what we do he or she will not listen if he gets sidetracked by another person. Due to this all of us haven been able to let him operate as much (we walk him over the leash) and his behaviour is taking a convert for your worse. Im guessing that its because of to extra energy.


    I' d say a lot of this has to do with the pent upward energy. Playing frisbee in the field shouldn' t be your only other alternative in order to walking. He' s still quite young therefore I wouldn' t recommend taking him upon miles runs just yet. But as this individual approaches his year mark, I would simply train him to run along side your own bike. Or get yourself a 40 feet lead and play fetch to get away that energy.

    Making use of the jumping and excitability, it' s a good extremely common problem with pups. They simply want to say hello to everyone don' t they? First things first, I might work on some general pack structure terrain work. You should be in a place that even if your pup was distracted or thrilled, they respect you enough to listen in order to you. But it' s also understandable that will with all that energy that can end up being hard. So exercise and further obedience instruction should be a nice start. I would certainly recommend a few things to work upon actually.

    Work upon the jumping. When a dog jumps it' s basically looking for that attention. Therefore if you come home each day plus your dog greets you by jumping upward, that' s how he' s going in order to greet everyone. Discourage all jumping up upon people period. Get some friends or loved ones to help you out. If the canine jumps up, what you do is collapse your arms and turn around. Do not really look into the dog and ignore him. As quickly as he settles down, slowly unfold your own arms and reach down to pat your pet. If he gets excited, again fold your own arms and turn away. If all fours stay on the ground while he' s i9000 being petted, reward him. Now when a person are on walks or when someone would certainly like to greet your pup, have him sit down first. Have him learn that if somebody approaches or if he would like to say hi to someone, he needs to sit plus wait. Once he calms, give him the greeting command such as " ok, state hi" or " say hello. "

    Also, work on your own recall. Get him to a place exactly where if he' s running towards an individual and you tell him to come, he' ll turn around and do so.

    It' s absolutely probable to get the results you desire with out the use of the ecollar. I' ve got nothing against them, I own plus use one myself, but make sure a person do your research and learn using all of them correctly. If use wrongly, it can perform much more harm than good. However, when you' re interested in looking up a few ecollars and information about how to make use of them I would recommend this website: htm

    He sells ecollars since well as a DVD on how in order to make use of them. There' s also a wonderful prosperity of knowledge on this website as nicely as information on the ecollar page. This particular site can be very pricey so in case you find a collar that you such as, I' d try shopping around for this to see if you can get this for cheaper. But I would definitely commit in the DVD. It worked great meant for my dog and it' s important in order to know how to use this tool correctly and where to use it. The DIGITAL VIDEO DISC will go through all that. If you' re still unsure or have any queries, find yourself a reputable trainer to assist you out. There are plenty of coaching clubs you can find locally. The final thing you want to do is connected with wrong move and worsen any complications.

    Hope this assists. Best of luck!


    We don' t have much experience using the vibrating collar for jumping or any type of behavior customization so I can' t tell you through my personal experience how effective it might be. However, Personally i have tried a single when I was training a deaf canine but it was mainly used as the means to get her attention and meant for her recall.


    Neboptics gave a very good answer and We agree completely that the Leerburg Kennel DVD MOVIE Remote Collar Training for Pet Owners will be fantastic- htm I own the DVD and also possess watched it multiple times. The DVD actually includes a section devoted just to fixing the problem of dogs jumping up upon people. The recall or " come" command word section is invaluable! I learned so a lot!
    The Leerburg article " Concept of Corrections in Dog Training" is the crucial article to read.…
    I use the particular Dogtra model NCP1700 which has been changed by the NCP1900 on my 75 pound. dog. I love the features on the particular remote. It' s got a digital screen that is back-lit and a nick switch. The nick button provides shock for the fraction of a second. A nick will be all it takes for my dog in order to respond around 1/3 power, and I may easily take a full power nick upon my arm. I NEVER make use of the continuous switch, but I would if I had in order to when it comes to an emergency such as my canine spotting a deer and taking up run after.
    I feel that prong training collars are humane, but that e-collars are actually more humane. E-collar training (when done correctly) results in many fewer corrections to the particular dog than training done with any some other kind of training collar that I' ve had experience with. Not only is the particular e-collar more humane, it makes off-leash education possible (within the confines of a fenced area such as a baseball field from first).
    My dog was simply like yours when off leash. I think of the e-collar as an invisible teather, and I utilize it exactly the exact same way as a real leash.

    Edit: Oh please, David… Sadists? You need to learn the difference in between a correction to some dog and abuse. I never punnish my dog. Dogs perform not understand the concept of punnishment, yet a proper timed correction for disobeying the command they already know 100% and select to disregard is something dogs understand quite well and respond to in training.


    I suggest you do not make use of a shock collar without consulting an Expert trainer first, to show you ways in order to correctly fit and use a " surprise collar" and whether your dog has the particular right temperament for one (and whether this is the right tool for the work. )

    Used properly this tool has amazing results and within many cases only requires one correction regarding the dog to stop and think just before carrying out inappropriate behavior.. If you don' t know what your doing then a person should NEVER attempt to work with a shock scruff of the neck without Professional help!

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