Is there a dog breed right for my family?

First of all, my family consists of me (13), my sister (19), my mother (50), and my father (65, but he acts like he's 30). We live in a costal region, in the harbor. Our house is bigger than average in California, with a normal sized yard. The dog would be living either outside or in my room (which I share with my sister, who will be moving out soon, so there is plenty of space). I will be in school from 7-3, and all my family members are gone during the day too. My mother wants a hypoallergenic or little shedding dog, my sister wants a quiet dog, and my father wants a small dog. I would like a lazy dog. Since I also want a puppy, I can spare 3 months during the summer (the planned time to get the puppy) to train and housebreak him/her. I promise to spend lots of effort in feeding, training, grooming, exercising, teaching, playing with, and overall taking care of the puppy. I have dog sat many times for my neighbors, so I know what to do. Please help me to find my perfect canine conpanion to love and nurture!

  • <cite class="sig">E.Scantlin</cite>

    Probably there is a dog breed (or even several) that would be good for your family but you didn't provide enough information and even if you did, I'm not going to spend many, many hours researching dog breeds for a stranger, sorry.

    You can pay someone to do that for you, at Or you can do it yourself, with the book, Your Purebred Puppy, which you can download at the website. At the website, you can read, free, about the good AND bad points of 200 different dog breeds. I own the book and I think it is really very good as it covers every possible thing you need to know about selecting a breed, finding a reputable breeder, male or female puppy, choosing a puppy from a litter, and more, in addition to information about the different breeds (more than is at the website). If you choose to do it yourself, please know in advance that it is going to take some time to compare every breed in the book to the wants and likes and needs you have on your list (which the book will tell you how to make) but you will end up with the best possible choices to decide between. I've never tried the service that does all of that work for you but it could be a really good time saver for some people. I just like to do it myself.

    Very few dogs are happy being kept outside as most breeds of dogs are very social and dislike being excluded from the family.

    Happy searching and may you find your dream dog soon.

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    Never have a dog kept outside , a dog is a pack animal so this means it likes to be around others , so you and your family will be its pack so leaving it outside would be the same as putting you in a room on your own all the time with no books , TV , Internet BORING ,
    YES in nice weather – as long as Not too hot the dog could be left in the yard if it is 100% safe and has a kennel with a bed and water so there would be no house accidents , it will probably bark quite a bit and annoy the neighbours though :(

    Any short hair would be suitable , but if your after a lazy dog then I suggest you get a Cat , they are more solitary , easier to train , don't need as much attention and very independant
    Dogs are more like kids they need ALOT of attention for around 8-16 yrs so you will probably have left home by the time the dog is older so plz Dont commit yourself to something that's only going to be fun for the summer , and think of all the poop in the yard You will have to clean up and walks on rainy days !!!!!

    A cat maybe a better idea :)

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