What Dog Breed Should I Get?

Hello! ^^

I was just wondering if anyone would know what kind of dog breed I should get.

Ever since I was about five; I have been interested in all animals. At the time, though, me and my family lived in a townhouse, blocking out my chances of getting a dog. It was dead in the middle of the city, with no parks, as well. Obviously, no way a dog would be happy with that. I did get a Siamese kitten from a breeder, though, who is still happily living with me right now. After my sister was born; we moved. I'd like to make it clear that I realize I was way to young and irresponsible at the time.

I now live in a two story, huge house. There's also a 4 x 25 meter room in the basement, previously a bar. I'd be able to get my sister to stop throwing small toys around, as she would be thrilled about getting a dog as well. The backyard is only a bit bigger than a third of an acre, but we plan on destroying our deck and fencing the yard soon.

As for the location; it's not perfect. I live next to a busy street, but there's two soccer fields and a playground a twenty minute's walk away.

I'm willing to give in a trip to the backyard to a run around the block in the morning, and thirty minutes minimum of excersize after school. I'd be able to go to said field and playground once every week during school days for a nice run around the grass, maybe play fetch, and a short training practice if it's quiet.

As I live in Canada, I will not deny that we have at least a meter of snow in the winter where I live. This means that the dog must have at least a little endurance with the cold, because a coat and boots won't help too much. If it's raining, snowing, or thunderstorming, I absolutely will go out to let the dog burn off energy. It it hails, or a thunderstorm or blizzard gets too severe, I might shorten a walk to a run across the block or a quick pee outside. Same goes for when a hurricane's tail hits.

The summer gets pretty hot – up to 40° and more during heat waves, so I'd prefer a dog that does okay in the heat. If that's not okay, I'd try to keep the cool with a fan and cold water.

I have babysat several dogs. A dalmatian, a small labradoodle, a miniature poodle, a teacup poodle, a collie, and I am probably going to babysit my neighbour's collie. I might open a street-wide dog walking service with my best friend, who owns a husky/chow chow mix. Sociability with other dogs and cats is a must. I'd rather have a dog that's okay with children, too, for my seven-year-old sister.

In addition to my sister, I live with my parents and twenty-five-year-old brother, and Tofu, my cat. I don't have to worry about any other pets; Tofu ate my frog and all of my fish.

The appearance of the dog? I'd like at least sixty pounds. I'm a fan of big dogs, and will go for a dog up to two hundred pounds.

I'd like a dog who is nice and cuddly after getting tired. Sweet, loyal, a bit protective, fairly trainable, enthusiastic, playful, eager to please, and more.

I'd like to have a dog that doesn't shed too much or drool, though if it's excellent for almost everything else, I'll see right through that.

If I decide to raise a puppy, I'll get it on a holiday so I can take it out for a pee every two hours or less, more time to go to local dog parks, training, etc. If not, I'll probably adopt a breed fitting for me a shelter; older dogs are always wonderful as well.

My mom has bought a dog from a pet store, and she swears to NEVER make that mistake again. Hopelessly untrainable, aggressive, yappy, ignorant, destructive, etc. Eventually, we submitted him to a Humane Society, where he failed temperment testing and was euthanized. Excuse my language, but we believe he came from a craphole known as a puppy mill.

I hope I've given enough information about my current condition. I don't need help with convincing my parents to let me get a furry friend.

Thanks for reading all of this, hope you can help. ~ ^^

  • <cite class="sig">NENITA-Moten</cite>

    Labradors, golden retrievers, Bernese mountain dogs, bearded collies, Newfoundlands (although drooly and shed a lot, they are great with kids), Japanese spitz, and other breeds would be a good match for you. I wouldn't recommend a German shepherd or husky because they are very headstrong. Good luck and check out your local shelters first!

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