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  • im just starting to clicker teach my dog. to introduce it with the girl I clicked the clicker and then provided her a treat over and over once again. she still doesn' t quite get this and i don' t want to obtain her obese by feeding her too several treats. how can i get her in order to know that if she does what we want then she hears a click plus gets a treat?


    Hi Canine Lover,

    I possess been professionally training dogs for over 10 years and am a Certified Professional Fitness instructor (CPDT-KA). I can say without reservation that will clicker training (when done correctly) is 1 of the best methods for training your canine.

    It is utilized extensively throughout the animal training world, which includes within the movies, zoos, and theme recreational areas. Anyone who says it doesn' t function is just demonstrating their lack of knowing of the technique.

    What I would recommend would be in order to watch several videos on YouTube to obtain a feel for how to use clicker training. A good start would be:

    After that, look for a great positive (rewards based) trainer in your region. A good source for this would end up being the Certification Council for Professional Trainers in:

    Or the Association of Dog Trainers

    Regarding obesity… make use of your dog' s regular food as the particular reward. Unless there exists a medical cause not to do so, your dog may be earning their food one piece associated with kibble at a time, instead of obtaining it for free from a bowl.

    Another option is in order to use a fully balanced food-roll (like Organic Balance) and substitute this calorie for caloric for your dog' s regular food. Stay to the same protein (meat) source that will your dog regularly gets to reduce nutritional distress.

    Follow these types of rules:

    1) Click on once, then reward with something afterward (within 3 seconds)
    2) Keep the particular treats ready to get somewhere nearby, yet not hovering in front of your dog' s nose
    3) Keep your own hands still until after the click
    4) Click – Wait for 1/2 second – then take the treat plus deliver it

    As soon as the clicker is " Primed" (after regarding 90 treats) try this game (Look in Me) in your house to build much better focus with distractions…

    1) Let your dog sniff a treat/kibble (reward)
    2) Hold the incentive out to the side
    3) Wait for your dog to glance (even a little one) in your direction
    4) Click for the " Glance" and reward from your hand.
    5) Repeat

    Wish this helps!


    You' ve gotten some good resources, so We won' t repeat those. I do recommend the youtube videos by kikopup.

    I personally don' t trouble priming the clicker anymore, as it just teaches one element of the actual clicker means, and may inhibit learning of the particular other half. The clicker means two points to the dog:
    1) the treat/reinforcer is coming; and 2) that, exactly what you did right then, is the cause why you are getting the reinforcer. Priming the clicker teaches the first part, not really the second, and because food is therefore salient, so over-ridingly important to so a lot of dogs, it sometimes makes learning that 2nd part harder. I usually teach a basic behavior such as hand targeting or bathing room downs, and the dog learns it rapidly, along with the purposes of the clicker.

    For bathroom downs, I take dog, clicker, treats, and dull reading material into the bathroom and close up the door, sit on the most apparent piece of furniture. Start reading, keep a good eye on your dog out of the particular corner of your eye (no direct vision contact) and wait for the dog in order to lie down, click, and toss a deal with so dog gets up to get this. Dog will get excited, have no idea of why or so what happened, disregard, wait for him to lie down once again, repeat, repeat, repeat. Do several 10 moment sessions over a couple of days, whenever dog starts lying down the moment he or she gets the treat, you' ll know he' s got it.

    I don' t actually like teaching vision contact as my first behavior, as canines often default to the first behavior these people learned, and taking a look at the particular owner stalls learning other behaviors, Hand focusing on is another easy behavior, as long since you start with the hand close, yet don' t move it closer- dog requirements to be the one doing behavior, not really the trainer. I love Sue Ailsby' t website ( and one of her responses is that if the trainer is functioning harder than the dog, something is incorrect!

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