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  • im a 13 year old boy (alomost 14 september 14th) and i want a jack russell terrier.
    i heard they are very energetic!!! and are kind of hard to train, but i run cross country and i am very patient.. so that gives the dog enough excersize and enough training and patintents to teach him.

    i am buying him as a puppy so he get to know the family better and i will buy A great deal of toys for him to play with so he could have something to bite rather than biting the couches!!
    would a hydraulic jack russell terrier be god for me??
    i live in an apartment so space really dosent matter.

    if you think another dog would be better for me, can you please help??
    i live in atlanta georgia and i also need to know in which the nearest store i could get a jack russell terrier!! i already tried going on pet co and pets smarts but the website would be to confusing and my parents are out of town until friday….. can you please help??


    jack russells great little dogs… they love exercise so you as being a cross country runner would be perfect for a jack russell… i had developed a jack russell for thirteen years and that he or she lived in apartments just fine… and cuz you are young, i would strongly suggest training classes when you get your pup… jack russells need firm training and someone with experience or someone willing to learn by bringing the dog to classes… obedience classes are beneficial for jack russells because they can be aggressive with other dogs and in the classes they become desensitized to other dogs… i did every level of obedience with my jack russell and she was great along with other dogs… i don' t think you should buy a puppy from a store, you should look for a breeder or perhaps a breed rescue… if you google jack russell terriers atlanta georgia for sale a page of results comes up…

    Glimp MARLO

    research all breeds, anything you can think of you may want. there are even places you can go online to try to match you up, mutts can be the best dogs as well!!, you can rescue one too. please see ALL the links i leave you. All of this is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION to read up on before even considering getting a dog!!……

  • Atlanta Obedience Club | 1193D Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross, GA

    Since 1950, the Atlanta Obedience Club (AOC) has been a non profit member…
    knowledge of dog training by holding classes for all levels of dog obedience.

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  • Since head trainer of K9 Dog Training Membership I want to welcome you to the site and inform you a little regarding myself. As you can probably tell through watching my videos – I love canines. Actually I love them so much that will several years ago I quit my business job to devote all my time meant for you to training dogs . I wanted to follow along with the passion and so I sacrificed a higher paying job to do what I adore best – and I’ve never been more happy!

    Now i’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) via the widely respected Certification Council for Expert Dog Trainers.

    Years ago when I first obtained involved with dogs I didn’t like the particular methods most dog trainers were using. I actually don’t use fear, force, intimidation or discomfort in any of my training methods. Rather I depend on clicker training as properly as positive reinforcement to train…

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