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  • Kathy Santo Dog Training Classes Ramsey, NJ

    Our own dog obedience training is fun and hassle-free – start anytime, no
    waiting! Have the particular dog with manners that everyone loves in order to get around.

  • skilled dog owner!

    f you love your canine like I believe (& hope) you perform, then this page may retain the solutions to your deepest desires about giving your pet the best life you can.

    Let’s start simply by looking at why the care model a person currently use for your dog may become dangerously outdated and unfair..

    “The Common Idea associated with
    Is Alarmingly Old-Fashioned,

    Here’s Why.. ”

    Today, the most common & widely practiced concept of good dog-ownership is made up of only these 3 limited features:

    1. Food
    2. Exercise
    3. Affection

    Within the last 100 years, this model provides remained almost unchanged even though, the globe & existence have changed and advanced within almost every other way.

    The way in which usually we look after ourselves, for example, offers gone through several revolutions and radical changes…

    … yet still the old and outdated concept associated with dog ownership persists.


    “Why Has The Most Utilized Model Of Dog-Ownership Not Changed…

    skilled dog owner!

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