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  • Ok I have the four year terrier and he is reactive to dogs not all dogs but in order to some males especially other non neuter men. And when there' s a female canine around spayed or not he wants in order to hump them and when there' s the puppy around he wants to dominant more than them. He gets along with some canines I don' t know why mostly feminine dogs in which he doesn' t hump them just follow them around or will go about on his own business and occasionally males(fixed), he gets along with my pup and is protected of him which will be causing him to be more aggressive compared to usual, again I don' t know exactly why. I' m surprised he gets along with the pup I mean at first this individual didn' t like him but didn' big t attack or anything just stayed away plus would hate when the pup would leap on him and try to play along with him. Now he doesn' t mind this and he' s even beginning to enjoy back(which is super rare for him in order to play with other dogs he' s not really the romping around playing type) out associated with the three weeks we had the puppy today was the first time he really was really jumping and playing with your pet! Or maybe the first time in their life for that matter! I think the particular pup is good for him but he' s become more aggressive to other canines with him around. My parents like decline to get him neuter while I therefore badly want to. I ask them plus they always say " look it up" (meaning location and prices) then when I actually tell them they say yea maybe this particular week or so but it never occurs. There' s always an " excuse" I actually don' t understand why we can' capital t just get him fixed we have cash and time but for some reason they will just don' t: / anyway my canine is super smart but he' s simply reactive. He used to go to the particular dog park everyday to get more than 2 hrs and was fine with not many " attacks" and humping, but it' s gotten most severe since we moved away from your canine park. I know it will be more difficult to train him to become nicer in order to dogs when he' s not neuter yet how do I do it. I move to a park close by where several dogs run loose even though my puppy dog runs and plays he has to stay on leash with me close by our side for at least an hour plus a half, which sucks. I know neutering will not solve this problem but We know it will help dramatically. Can any kind of one help me? Thank you!


    What about canine training classes? It is usually most helpful to have a trainer assess your canine and help you with your dog' t specific issues. They will likely be capable of narrow down the problem and then function with you to repair it. You might need to start with a private program so the trainer can meet your canine. Then hopefully they can help you possess him in a class. You will most likely just be working on simple obedience function, but working around other dogs and tolerating their presence, and not focusing on the particular dogs will help to socialize him along with them. It will also help him pay out attention to you even when other canines are about, and learn to follow your own lead. Also, being in a class along with a dog trainer, you will be functioning around other likely friendly and socialized canines, so the trainer may be able in order to help you with getting your dog nearer to them without attacking them. It is definitely important that you choose a dog instructor that uses positive reinforcement methods. Since your own parents are on hand looking into these types of things, try researching some dog training universities in your area, looking up prices (they are often listed on the website), plus then even printing of a registration type (also often on the website). Then many your parents have to do is ideally help with paying for it and obtaining you and your dog to the courses.

    Best of fortune!


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