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  • We always wonder why people who don' big t read my questions too well even trouble with answering.


    I personally wouldn' t use them, that' s just not really something I am thinking about. However, We are not really against them either. It' s not like they are strong such as a stun gun or something, like several people want to make them in order to end up being. I have tried those things on myself personally, on my arm when I was young, and it does definitely get your interest, and it' s not really a comfy feeling by any means, but it' t also not like being really hurt.

    My main problem along with things like the shock collars are, such as I said, not they are cruel, since in my mind they really aren' to. But, I just feel it' s incorrect for a dog to be punished every single time they bark. I completely understand requiring to control a dogs barking, we possess neighbors that will complain, landlords that aren' t too into constantly barking dogs, and so on. But, I just feel that dogs need to be conditioned to know that they need in order to stop barking after a couple barks, and to stop barking when the owner shows these to. A dog barks to inform, or warn, their pack of something. They will are telling you, the leader of the particular pack, that someone is coming up in order to the door, or whatever it is. We personally feel that' s the best thing, and the dog should not be punished for that will. It is natural for them to start barking, so it has to be somewhat complicated to allow them to be shocked every single time they will bark. My husband and I have educated our dogs to bark if they find someone coming up to the door, or even something like that, but then we inform them " enough", they stop, and after that we praise them.

    I guess if I needed a fast fix for your barking while I wasn' to home or something like that. Something in order to help out until I can get my canines trained well enough to know never to start barking non-stop when I' m not home, I actually would think about trying those spray start barking collars..… Through the things i have read about all of them, they seem to be more affective compared to the shock collars. Not to mention, whilst the shock collars don' t really harm that bad, I believe I' d instead be sprayed in the face than stunned.

    Anyway, I actually hope this helps. Good luck!: )


    We have successfully used electronic training collars intended for years for different sorts of training and PetSafe is the first brand I owned plus the last brand I would recommend. Our system was replaced under warranty several periods before I acquired tired of the trouble and unreliability. My next system was simply by Innotec and it worked much better nevertheless the rechargeable batteries were not very great back then. I don' t know in case they are much better now. After regarding 2 years I gave up[ upon that brand. After that I bit the particular bullet and bought Tri Tronics. That has been 7 years ago and it still functions flawlessly. There has never been a fake correction triggered by other sources and this does everything it is supposed to. Attempt Tronics is considered the best of every styles of electronic dog training systems. I actually know many hunters, hunting guides, and regulation enforcement dog handlers who use electronic training collars and the brands they use and suggest are Tri Tronics, DT Systems and Dogtra.


    @ Letters – LOL. e-collars are usually used for much more than just woofing. You should know about something before providing an opinion onto it aside from the particular fact that was not what she has been asking. And most e-collar trainers DO recommend trying it on yourself. The difference along with a bark collar is they often don' t have different levels. With e-collars, they will have difference levels that are controlled with the handler. At the lower end they are usually almost impercievable to human or dog.

    To answer the issue, it is not a brand I discover recommended often but have no knowledge associated with that brand advantages or disadvantages.

    Off topic, We are interested if your name refers to a specific dog, specifically a GSD. I would have got emailed but you don' t allow this.

    @ rescue plus foster mom – that depends what the particular alternative is. I would not want in order to become corrected with a collar either. The particular point of the e-collar is to make use of the lowest setting required. It may end up being far more gentler than a yank associated with the leash.
    My idea associated with a good time is not rolling within cow patties, but my Lab sure enjoys it.
    My GSD broke the teeth on the fence outside and didn' to blink. I would not have to obtain able to survive without pain meds in case I had.
    Dogs are not really humans and humans are certainly not dogs.

    @ Tiffers – yes, in the event that used improperly it can cause problems, yet so can any other training tool which includes a flat collar.
    For those who missed it, the particular question was may be the model she is searching at a good model, not should the lady use an e-collar.


    I teach bird dogs for which they have already been bred for 100+ years.
    They will often are 200+ yards away hunting. The training collar is necessary to make certain you don' t lose them. It is certainly not called a surprise collar and this is not an anti-bark collar.

    The dog is conditioned in order to the collar. A manual comes with the particular collar. Tritronics Sport G3 is a fundamental, durable collar. I would only use Tritronics as they stand behind their product plus make GREAT tools.
    THE CHEAPEST EFFECTIVE SETTING is only used. The canine should NEVER cry out. It will reveal by a shake of the head that will it continues to be effective. an individual who is easily frustrated, or with the lack of self-control should use this dog collar.

    The training will be done first. The collar is simply mild reminder when the dog is far aside. Just like a 200 yard leash.: )
    They cost about 0. 00

    They are quite effective when you know what you are usually doing.

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