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  • All i need is maybe a $ 10-15 collar that will give my poodle the small zap to keep her in the particular yard, not really a fence, but some thing i can stand outside using the remote plus as i see her darting towards the particular road i can give her a small zapperooskie, i really want something super inexpensive doean' t have too be good high quality, just something that' ll get the work done


    So what you are usually saying is that because you don' big t want to take responsibility for your canine, he should have to be electrocuted, zapped is too nice a way of stating it. I use no fence and when our dog has to pee I take the girl out, if we walked with a backyard with no fence and a poodle, a person wouldn' t have to worry about this anymore. Cars are not the only actual problem. If you have no fence get the dog for the walk, or tie your pet up and only provide him enough string to keep him in the yard. Finally, if you want a dog who isn' t stupid enough to run away don' t get a poodle, and if your pup doesn' t listen to you it' ersus probably your problem not his. Whatever a person do DON" T ELECTROCUTE YOUR DOG!! THIS MAKES YOU A HUGE JERK!


    Check ebay or some thing similar to that. All the ones I' ve seen at petco and such had been more expensive – even the cheapos!


    Without obedience training, zapping your dog will be liable to deliver her INTO the street as fast as she can run!!!

    There are no inexpensive shock collars.

    Utilize a long line on the dog for right now and carry it to an obedience class. Create a fence or train the dog.

    Don' t be very lazy. Train don' t complain. A surprise training collar is just a tool. Used right this is a good tool, used wrong may get the dog killed.

    Research e-collar training. It' s not really that simple.

    Try out to keep your dog alive in the particular mean time.

    I actually hope you are just making a poor joke. It' s just not that humorous.


    Shock collars are VERY Inhumane
    DON' Big t WORK AT ALL
    Allit will certainly do is completely confuse your dog & turnit into a parinoid scared animal who have has no cue whats going on
    try training your dog, keeping this onleash & getting a fence- it is usually much safer that the collar & exactly what everelse may enter your unfenced yard & potentially eat your dog – or vehicles that may be on the road your own dogs running to cross.

    If your still looking for this kind of an inhumane collar I suggest wearing this yourself & shocking your self numerous periods to find out how it feels 1st.

    good luck in order to your dog.

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