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  • We now have tow dogs at 20 and 26 pounds and have just bought a house that comes with 30 pound dog collars. Is it possible to use the collars on dogs of such weights or will the shock be an excessive amount of?


    I wouldnt personally use an invisible fence collar due to bad experiences from co-workers of mine, its been proven quite a few dogs using the invisible fence collar have gotten cancer. But, your choice. In terms of your question, it probably wouldnt the best idea to use one meant for a few pounds over, as they do range when it comes to weight (meaning the 30lb collars would be meant for a 30-35 or 30-40lb dog).


    My neighbors dog has a shock collar, and I, personally, belive that you could, but it would hurt a little more than normal.

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    Invisible fencing (also known as a pet fence, a wireless invisible fencing, electrical
    invisible… If the dog gets as well close to the wire boundary, the dog collar emits a noise.

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  • How to Train Your Dog with Invisible Fencing | Canidae Blog

    As your pet nears the particular fencing area the collar will beep; this particular really is your pet’s signal to
    … he or she will approach the fencing and receive (typically) a shock.

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