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  • I have a laboratory mix and she is a constant barker. I have tried every positive training probable and nothing helps.
    Today We bought a surprise collar. I put this on her and she was fine until she tried to bark.
    The lady instantly hid next to me and We told her " quiet" and pet the girl to try and keep her calm plus not to bark.
    One to three minutes afterwards she tried to bark again and once again it scared her but she hid aside from me.
    She will not really come near me despite having treats in our hand. I have taken the collar away from and she still won' t come in order to me.
    She cowers every period I walk toward her so I' meters letting her be right now.

    What should I do? Can be the shock collar just not on the girl? Should I continue? I don' t really want her to think I' m hurting the girl or mad at her for barking.


    When my canine was barking at all hours, we obtained him a spray collar. Instead of surprising him, it would spray citronella. He just had to wear it about 3 moments before he stopped barking. Now, I simply have to get it and he can stop.
    How high can be your dog collar turned up? It could be the surprise is too strong. You want to begin on the lowest setting needed.
    My young dog will grab hold associated with another dogs hind legs and he won' t stop her. So I got the girl a remote collar. It beeps, vibrates or even shocks. The vibrate & shock modes possess setting 0-100 each.
    I begin her on vibrate, about 20, and possess had it up to 45. I' ve only shocked her a couple times, plus the setting was about 10. It hardly tickled her. It' s just strong sufficient for her to release his leg plus kinda tilt her head. She' s never ever reacted strongly to it.

    I think your collar is as well strong for the dog. Either turn this down, or get the spray collar (about thru amazon) Being that it' ersus a remote collar, your dog does not really understand the shock came from you. The girl thinks it originated from the collar. The lady may be worried about the collar, yet she is not scared of YOU, these people don' t make that connection.

    Good luck!


    Kassandra, now you have to function to undo destruction done with the surprise collar. You cannot expect your dog in order to instantly trust you again just because a person removed the collar. In her eyes, plus the eyes of any sane person searching over this, you hurt her! Now, the girl has to learn to trust you once again.
    You have tried the Stay approach, you need to go back in order to the Carrot again. Yes, treats, and indeed, play time having a favorite toy. I type of favor the toy with play plus attention, cuz obviously, that barking means the girl is not getting enough.
    In case she is doing this when you are usually not home, try a Thundershirt. Lots associated with folks have success with them. Leave the radio on. Give her toys that she gets to " figure out" by solving the particular puzzle. Bored dogs will seek attention. When you are home and cannot attend in order to her, make sure you speak with the girl every now and then. If I was on the computer for instance, I was going to make remarks to my canine on what I am reading. Sounds insane to some, but in his little thoughts, what is important is that he offers not been forgotten. Observe how it functions?
    So, throw the shock training collar out. Start from scratch. It takes PERIOD.

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