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  • I possess two aggressive cats. I actually have tried many, many methods to obtain them to co-exist peacefully together over the particular past 6 months. None have worked. I actually is tired of keeping the cats seperate each and every day from each various other and I am fed up with worrying about all of them both getting loose together and fighting along with each other.

    You will find read about wireless remote controlled collars that will are used being a last resort for intense dogs. I want to get a similar answer on my two cats. Does anyone understand of any companies that sell such items designed for cats? If you do, make sure you let me know which companies they are usually and/or the product types or names.


    honestly, you need to let all of them battle it out. I had aggressive felines, I was afraid they were going in order to kill one another, I didnt want possibly one to get hurt etc, My hubby let them both go loose in the particular house, they scrapped a couple of instances, then they got over it. And We mean they were AGGRESSIVE. Now they complete each other fine, I mean they do not lay down and snuggle together but these people co exist fine. Let em go, watch over it, gently tap one when they start to howl, growl or hiss and grumble. Youll be fine, theyll be fine. The likely to take some time. The greatest thing you can do before you allow them go, is go to a petsmart or petco and get the claw addresses so they really cant do any harm to one another. They are just small plastic covers that slip over the fingernails. And I dont believe they sell surprise collars for cats because of the distinction in size, nerves etc. Dogs are provided shock collars because dogs also have the way better memory than cats. Cats are usually not like dogs by any means therefore you can shock all of them time long and its not going to perform a damn little bit of good, plus its going to hurt and piss away from a cat alot more than a canine. Not to mention, its pretty inhumane to get a cat anyways. Good luck and wish everything works out with you and the particular cats: )


    In the event that you' ve tried all possible options in order to stop them from fighting and they' lso are harming one another, I recommend which you rehome one of them. A " training collar" will administer an electrical shock and harm the cats. This could actually lead in order to more anxiety, stress and frustration for all of them and could actually cause an escalation within the behavior you' re seeing. Check along with cat rescue groups in your area in order to see if they can help you along with rehoming. They' ll screen potential owners completely and can help to ensure that your own cat finds a good home. They' lmost all probably allow the cat to remain along with you until a home is found. Make sure you, do not shock the cats.

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