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  • you get plenty of people saying that shock collars are usually not cruel and they dont hurt the puppy. i mean it must hurt in case its around the highest setting. if there canine has to use one with the best setting then the should put it upon to see what it feels like


    I understand what they seem like because my trainer acquired me try it before using it upon my dog. Couldn' t actually feel the initial few, and the few middle levels sensed like i walked across a floor plus touched a metal doorknob. Shocking but not really painful.

    Even when their skin is more sensitive than our bait, it' s takes a LOT of fruit juice to actually hurt. Every level my canine went up, i had to try very first – if it hurt ME then we would not use it on my canine. She actually is on the second degree (of ten), which works for her.

    The goal, as described by my trainer, is to discourage HARMFUL behavior by using discomfort or the unexpected shock of feeling something new. NOT DISCOMFORT. It' s no different than using the leash correction, sudden sound to scare the particular dog, or squirting the dog hard along with water (which many people are for whilst they are against e-collars. )

    NEVER use a training gadget without consulting your trainer. It' s the particular owners that DON' T consult that arrive on here and enquire " what level is definitely best for my dog" or come shouting " MY DOG WON' T LISTEN! We HAVE IT ON LEVEL TEN! OMG WTF DO I DO?! "


    Yes shock collars use discomfort, if you go on to youtube generally there are many videos of individuals whereing plus trying dog shock collars.…

    Dog Shock Collars have now been prohibited in Wales, im not sure about the particular remaining UK.…

    Drozda ZETTA

    All of us are an experienced trainer and I was ashamed to say that in years past, I purchased a shock collar on an impulse. The young dog had a problem with lamb, she liked them and just wanted in order to play with them. OMG I thought she could get shot by the farmer. When this was delivered I put it around THE neck and a friend activated it upon its lowest setting initially and gradually converted the setting up. She stopped activating this particular because I realised that I would not really use it on a dog, however this did not get past the idea of tingling.

    I deplore the particular fact that these collars are sold in order to just anyone. I was not asked regarding my experience because the folks who sell all of them don' t care about dogs. Some individuals haven' t a clue and they buy these types of collars to compensate for the fact that will they have not trained their dogs plus they are too lazy to attempt this particular. These collars should be BANNED.


    shock collars DO hurt.. that is the particular point behind them.. your dog barks, plus a shock is given as an adverse correction.

    They are usually cruel if improperly used.. you shouldnt begin out with all the highest setting.. also shock training collars are not for those dogs.. all other strategies of training should be used first. Surprise collars should be an absolute last holiday resort for training.

    I know of someone who utilizes remote E-collars, but only for off-leash circumstances.. she says she has never had in order to use it to correct the dogs, yet its there as a safety measure.. pertaining to example, if the dog doesnt come whenever called, and is trying to run, the lady can use the shock collar as the correction.. much safer than the dog operating into the road.

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