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  • I just wondered in case anyone has already established positive results along with this form of training. I read the write-up about one on Amazon. com plus a couple of people talked about exactly how it worked wonderfully to them. Now i' meters not saying i' m going out plus buying one i just wondered what individuals thoughts were. No ranting or bullying right here, just share your stories IF YOU" VE USED ONE!! If you' ve never utilized one and just think there cruel after that your opinion is not needed. Is this considered a form of Negative Reinforcement such as a prong collar? Any info appreciated. We recall as a kid my parents utilized one on our rottie to get your pet to quit barking non-stop and it do work, but that was so long back and i was so young i hardly remember it. With proper instruction and technique can one be used safely without getting painful to the dog? This article discussed about one with a hand remote therefore you could give the shock or tic from a distance if the dog had been misbehaving. Just wanted some opinions and details.. Thanks everyone..


    In the line of work I have a quantity of tools, one of which is the 950, 000 volt stun gun. I have got used it to refocus my GSD' t attention. Although I have never actually surprised him with it, the crackling noise this makes prompts immediate correction. He has the tendency of pulling at the leash whenever he sees a cat, which are numerous in my neighborhood, or an off-leash canine. One crackle and he immediately freezes within his tracks and turns his go to me personally. I don' t know why functions yet he was six months old when We got him so maybe he had encounter with cattle prods or electric fences upon the farm.

    We also used an electrified fence to individual my male and female Siberian Huskies whenever she was in season. That didn' big t work very well: the male decided he or she was horny enough that it was really worth the pain. And, following the first period, he knew how high he had in order to jump to clear it. After two litters, there were her spayed. Luckily they had been AKC registered and we were able in order to sell the puppies.

    That said, there is a new kind of training collar that uses scent rather of shock. It has a very solid citrus or lemon cartridge on the dog' s collar that releases the scent whenever the dog barks, kind of like the particular new Glade air fresheners with motion detectors built in. Because of the dog' h superior scent-detecting abilities, the scent is overpowering as well as the dog is expected to quickly learn that he can stay away from the unpleasantness by not barking.

    Like the shock collar, though, this particular is still negative reinforcement. Some trainers select only positive methods, hence the idea associated with distracting the dog from the bad habits with other commands like " Sit" or even " Watch Me". You can then prize the good behavior with hugs or kibbles and completely disregard the bad behavior. It' s akin to " no-spank" parenting. Don' t know you well enough to guage how you feel about the positive/negative factor but if you are going to become a no-spank parent you will need additional equipment in your toolbox. Personally, I think harmful reinforcement is an acceptable tool as lengthy as it is not the only device. There are consequences to each choice plus not all of them are pleasant. Simply be careful to shake off your very own emotion or irritation so the " Simply no! " is a command and not the shriek.


    I adopted a canine when she was 6 months old. The lady had lived as a feral dog that will had never been confined, together no earlier human interaction.
    She went fairly much bonkers when she came home. The girl paced the fence and barked manically.
    As she hadn' t any earlier training or response to humans, I has been confused as to how to stop the particular incessant barking. My spouse and i hoped she would obtain laryngitis, but she wouldn' t even turn out to be hoarse.. lol
    I got the particular cheap *sonic no-bark* collar at Walmart, plus it worked like a charm.
    The barking stopped within 2 days. I actually left the collar on for a 7 days, and never needed to use it with regard to her again. She would still bark properly, so it didn' t traumatize her. I actually have loaned that collar to friends plus family, and it has worked for many associated with them. The last time, it wasn' to returned.
    That collar allowed two ' free' barks, and gave a high-pitched buzz on the 3rd bark, that grew to become louder with each bark.

    BTW.. that *wild* dog turned out there to be one of the best canines, ever!


    Yes. But you require to understand the concept! My neighbor is certainly a field trial dog trainer and aided me in training my dog having a TriTronics Ecollar. The thing is not cheap. 1st the dog HAVE TO KNOW ITS FUNDAMENTAL COMMANDS. The collar is only utilized in order to reinforce. NOT TO TEACH. I highly recommend you choose to do a TON of research on the particular concepts of collar conditioning your dog. The very important to get off on the particular right foot. An ecollar is not terrible. Its just a tool, that' s almost all. Mike Lardy is a famous trainer that will taught the uses of an ecollar. a person have to understand these field trial or even hunting dog trainers do not normally make use of the " clicker" style Jehovah +R kind training. It may look cruel and philistine but from what I have witnessed this is not and these people love their particular dogs. Each uses heeling sticks and choke chains and the average pet dog proprietor probably doesn' t understand it. I didn' t. But after being trained myself We employed all these tools and shaped the pup into a well mannered dog. Greatest of luck, an ecollar should not become taken lightly, needs plenty of research plus understanding of the concepts.!v=f50X0iIbBh0 (mike lardy explains the ecollar)


    The trick with using the shock collar is ONLY using it whenever he knows what he' s supposed in order to be doing. My dog knew the " come" command, but he had s the stubborn streak. He' d stop, take the look at me, look down the street, look at me again, then take away either up the road to the neighbours yard, or into the swamp. Both areas he knew I wouldn' t go. Simply in the yard close by he would certainly do it just right, but he understood the range he could break free. This took two shocks to get him in order to come to be every time I contact him. I' ve also used it in order to train him to stay at the home. I' d have to check every ten minutes to see if he was generally there. If it wasn' t in hear photo, he' d get a buzz, and arrive running back from the neighbors house. This only took several days of that, plus the stubborn streak here and there. He' s i9000 stayed at the house for at minimum the past 6 weeks with no problems (for now anyway lol) and not getting to wear the collar. They really perform really works when they are needed.

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