How to get a dog to stop pooping in my place?

My landlady upstairs has a 10 month old pomeranian puppy. He's not very well trained and he isn't fixed yet. He is displaying obvious alpha behaviour around her other dog, and unfortunately my landlady is not a super responsible pet owner and isn't really handling him properly. I allow her cat down in the basement as he doesn't cause any problems and he prefers it down here. However, occasionally he'll leave the door open, and then the puppy will come down here and poop on the carpet or on my jacket if it is on the floor. From what I've been told he is doing this to try to be dominant, and it happens every time he has the chance, in roughly the same spot.

I'm wondering if there is any advice to be had about how to make him not try to act dominant around me or generally stop this behaviour. I've talked to my landlady multiple times and she generally tries to keep the door closed, but he still gets through once every week or two and it's really frustrating. I'm thinking of putting up a baby gate to block the stairwell, but that's not really a proper solution.

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    There are a few things that you can try to remedy this problem. 1st off you are going to have to clean that area of the carpet that is is pooping. Once a dog starts pooping in an area even in dominance issues they will often return to the same area. I own a Dog Pooper Scooper Service in Boulder Colorado and have lots of experience in dog waste.

    When you clean the area use steam cleaning and make sure you are getting down deep. You also need to add an order / bacteria remover. These have active enzymes to kill the bacteria and odor. After this area is cleaned make sure it does not get cluttered with trash, clothing, or other objects. I would then buy puppy training pads and put them at the top of the stairs by the entry the dog is using or even on the other side in your landlords space. These attract dogs to use the potty and the remains will verify the problem to your landlord and hopefully she cleans the pad.

    SOrry you are going through this problem.
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