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  • I have a 3 30 days old pit bull terrier mix puppy. All of us have been working on training him plus have noticed that several of the " experts" from our training manual and video clips sometimes contradict each other. I was wanting to know if anyone could tell me of several resources that you have used which possess worked for you, so that I may look into them? Up to now, We have come across Caesar Milan, Barbara Wodehouse(sorry regarding the spelling), Kevin-somebody, and a couple associated with others. Thanks beforehand: )


    The best source for books about canines, that I have found, is Dogwise. These people have a lot of training titles. Indeed, trainers will sometimes contradict one another — they have different styles and approaches. A person have to find what works best just for your dog.

    Research their titles, and you will find the host to select from.


    Oh yes, We know of LOTS of great books.

    For one, " Hole Bulls for Dummies" is a great guide.

    There is the book at Pet Smart JUST for Hole Bull training, and it comes with the Training DVD.

    We also have " Idiots guide to Good Dog Training"

    Generally there are many online resources as well.

    Email me if a person need anything else!


    Pit Bulls For Dummies> >
    But might like to add there isn’t really any kind of good books that substitute for enrolling within training (obedience) classes. They will help a person on how to train your pup as nicely as socialize the dog.
    Request your vet for a good trainer within your area!

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  • Dog Obedience Training

    From: Charlie Lafave

    Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

    Are you frustrated by your own disobeying dog who poops plus pees throughout the house, chews up everything within sight and jumps on every guest? Or even do you have a new puppy yet donâ € ™ t know where in order to start with potty and obedience training?

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    Charlie and P.T.

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    Now you can use a breakthrough new book for people exactly like YOU plus…

    Dog Obedience Training

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