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  • Well I actually must have a 4 paragraph essay. This would be a persuasive essay on the new: The Most Dangerous Game.
    one. About a general statement of the tale (The Most Dangerous Game)
    two. Describing the characters in the book
    3. Describe the plot a=of the particular story
    4. Conclusion.

    Here is the essay: (I' m a freshman in high school)

    On earth we live within today, it is broken up into various wealth and social classes. When I are hunting I am the hunter and not really the huntee. Within the story The majority of Dangerous Game a hunter becomes the huntee.

    The primary protagonist of the story is Sanger Rainsford who may be intelligent, experienced, levelheaded and world-renowned hunter; this individual survived several near death experiences. He may handle difficult situations calmly and cooly. Rainsford has survived WW1 and is now the big hunter. Sanger has composed several books on how to properly hunt and endure in the wilderness. He is looking pertaining to a bigger challenge than the game he or she has experienced. His partner Whitney decides in order to travel by ship with him to the particular Amazon to find some good animals in order to hunt. The main antagonist of the tale is General Zaroff who is a Cossack from Russia and he considers himself the god. “He was a tall man previous middle age, for his hair was certainly a vivid white, thick eyebrows and directed military mustache”, thought Rainsford. Zaroff quickly grew to become bored of hunting animals and turned in order to humans as his game. His madness arrived from a life of wealth, luxury, plus militarism from his father. Zaroff owns the remote island notoriously called “Ship Trap Island” by local sailors who pass by. Their partner in crime is Ivan who experienced a waist long black beard and used a black uniform. Ivan is a silence Cossack from Russia who is Zaroff’s major assistant and head torturer. Ivan has the highly trained pack of dogs and the deadly revolver.

    The particular story begins with Rainsford and Whitney journeying to the Amazon to hunt for large game. While talking with Whitney Sanger discovers that the island that they are moving is called “Ship Trap Island” and can be notorious for many ships and people vanishing there. When Whitney goes to bed Rainsford decides to smoke his pipe. Then all of a sudden he hears 3 gunshots and screaming. Rainsford climbs on the railing for a much better view, but drops his pipe and drops into the water. He swims to shoreline where the gunshots were heard and goes by out. Sanger awakes to a sunny mid-day and travels inland he finds a massive man with a revolver pointed at your pet. The person leads him back to the house and discovers another man named Common Zaroff. Zaroff introduces Ivan and explains that will the gunshots were from hunting. Rainsford after that explains that he also loves to search and soon they become good friends. Or even so Sanger thought… Zaroff then tells your pet that hunting animals became boring to your pet and tells Rainsford that he now tracks humans. Sanger immediately becomes horrified of Zaroff’s choice of hunting. Zaroff then tells your pet that he will be participating in the hunt with humans. Sanger becomes hysterical within the mind at the thought of eliminating another human to keep things interesting, yet then Zaroff tells him that Sanger can be going to be huntee and not the particular hunter.

    In modern society there are many classes, but in earlier times it was the hunters and the huntees. Both from the men are top associated with the class hunters, but will Rainsford end up being able to take down the greatest one particular with every odd against him?

    How do you feel regarding the essay? Does it convince you in order to read the story? Where could I enhance?



    You have shown a good, detailed knowing of the plot but this is not really persuasive by any means. You' ve just described the story. You need to consist of some actual persuasive features like:

    - quotes from an specialist (maybe a short quote from an expert review about the book? )
    - rhetorical questions
    . eg. ' Who wouldn' t wish to read regarding….? '
    - statistics
    . eg. 8 in 10 people who learn this book cannot put it down plus end up finishing it in just one particular day
    - second person pronoun – talking to the reader. eg. ' You will be captivated from the really first page'


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